Thursday, July 31

They don't look their ages, do they? (And the hair is not dyed!)

The side entrance to the club.

I don't want to put the name on the blog, but if you click to enlarge, you may be able to read it on the steps.
Edit: I noticed you can't really see it, so I'll tell you. It's Gen. P*traeus.

The Officer's swimming pool, as seen from the reception room.


whimsical brainpan said...

They really don't look their ages. I wonder what their secret is?

Star said...

Wow. They really do not look their ages. Must be love! I wish them all the best.

tiff said...

There's no way those people are as old as you say theyr are.

I call NO FAIR!

GJG said...

gosh, the wedding looks quite nice, but between the wasp sting, blisters on your feet, it couldn't have been all that much fun for you. (I must have done somethng wrong, but your pics came through but the descriptions were listed seperately below the last pic, but was able to associate each pic description with the pic it belonged to)

Gary (aka old dude)

Shephard said...

The Chapel looks amazing.

barbie2be said...

there is no way that couple are the ages you said. they look amazing.