Wednesday, July 30

Amazing Cakes, Part 1

Thanks to Rauf, who blogs at Daylight Again, and also a classmate who sent them to me, we have pix of these amazing Russian cakes.

False teeth aren't appetizing, but the cake is well done!

Criminals would love to eat this, wouldn't they?

Play cards and eat cake, too!

Or eat a burger cake. It may be healthier for you than a real burger.....LOL!

A box lunch, complete with cars and after lunch ciggies.

This cake is more my speed!

I'd say this one is amazing, wouldn't you?
It's an adding machine, I think.

The perspective in this one is amazing!

Everything you see above are entries in a cake decorating contest held in Russia.
Everything included must be edible.

The items may look real,
but they are simply made of cake, frosting, and candy.

Just imagine how many hours went into this contest!
I have more to show you, but I'll save them for another day.


Betty said...

These are amazing. And, yummy-looking, too.

Beverly said...

Those are incredible. Real art.

bobbie said...

Many, many hours must have gone into these. So intricate.

Mojo said...

I've been to culinary salons and seen some amazing food-art before, but these take the cake. (C'mon, you couldn't see that coming?)

On another note, I'm trying to spread this one around today:
Maybe this falls in the category of "self-promotion", but really I'm just trying to gather some good karma for a friend who could really use it right now.
Can you take a moment to visit here and share some?

Bear Naked said...

Simply amazing.
I really can't decide which one is the best.

Bear((( )))

Changes in the wind said...

What amazing talent!

Tabor said...

I have done some very elemental cake decorating when the kids were younger, so I know how hard these were. The one that fascinates me the most is the realistic bread bun on the hamburger!!

PI said...

Who would dare eat them?

GJG said...


Gary (aka Old Dude)

Mar said...

Truly amazing!!

Ginnie said...

For some reason I don't think of the Russians as being that whimsical...some great ideas. Do you know what won first prize?

Dianne said...

Wow! It would almost be a shame to cut into one of those cakes!!

Mom said...

Those are amazing. It would be just wrong to eat a cake that looked like that. I don't think I could eat the false teeth.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are truly Amazing...! That one looks like an Old Old Postal Machine...You know, you weigh something and then set those levers and "print" it out...Not sure about that but I think that is what it is.
The lsst Cake is extraordinary! And as you said...The Perspective is fantastic..It is uncanny, really, isn't it?

carli said...

My guess is comptometer (, though it could just as well be a mail machine.

LOVE the anatomy book.

Shephard said...

The big burger is incredible.