Thursday, July 31

Mr. Kenju's Family Wedding, Part 2

It's official now; wasps are out to get me. You may remember reading about my wasp sting in May, and a yellow-jacket sting earlier this month? Add another one! We arrived in Arlington, VA on Friday afternoon, and as I was unpacking, I felt a sharp sting on the little toe of my right foot. I thought I had stepped on a piece of broken glass or a tack, but I looked down in time to see a black bug on the carpet (I had stepped on him). Closer inspection showed him to be a young wasp. Miss kenju said that in all the time (about 7 years) she had lived in that apartment building she had only seen one other bug! I guess we brought him in on our luggage.....LOL.

On Saturday, we dressed for the noon wedding of mr. kenju's cousin, and I donned my new pair of black heels. I was going to wear another pair of shoes, but Miss Kenju said they didn't look dressy enough for my wedding outfit, so I had bought a new pair. Mr. kenju and his brother had left early for the chapel, since brother kenju was in the wedding. Miss kenju drove to Georgetown and couldn't find a parking place close to the chapel, so we had to park about 6 blocks away and walk. Before I had gone even two blocks, I had quarter-sized blisters on the balls of my feet, and it felt like I was walking on a big, fat, juicy grape. It almost crippled me and I hobbled the rest of the way, hoping that my feet would soon go numb. (Unfortunately, they didn't.) Serves me right for trying to wear heels again. :-/

The ceremony was held in Dahlgren Chapel on the campus of Georgetown University (mr. kenju's Alma Mater.) The bride and groom are in their 50's and 60's respectively, so the wedding was fairly small. We got to see relatives we had not seen (or in some cases ever met) in years. The ceremony was lovely, but often marred by the plaintive "Mama, Mama, Mama" of a small boy who was allowed to run rampant in the back of the church. More about him, later. I jumped a mile when the trumpeter started playing. Remind me to remove my new hearing aids when the brass section is only 12 feet behind me, okay??

The reception was held in the Officer's Club at Fort Myer. The building is called Patton Hall, after General George Patton, who was once stationed there. During the cocktail hour, mr. kenju was working the crowd (he's famous for it) and he met a couple who were friends of the groom. Asking where they were from, he learned that the woman was from Charleston, WV. Further questioning resulted in learning that she had graduated from MY high school and also MY college - although she was 9 years older than I. Now, I ask you? What are the odds? She and I had quite a chat about our school days, and we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers, having decided that if our school ever had another "all-school" reunion, we would attend together.

More of the story soon......and photos are found in the post below. Scroll down, please.


whimsical brainpan said...

Ouch! Sorry about the wasp and the shoes. I am so glad I have a valid excuse never to wear heels again.

LOL about the trumpeter! Sorry but I can picture myself doing the same thing.

That is so cool that you met that woman!

ET said...


bobbie said...

Between the wasp sting and the non-
walking shoes - not nice! Don't know how you braved the rest of the day. But I'm sure the wedding itself was lovely. The couple does look surprisingly young.

I love coincidences like your meeting with the woman from your school.

Granny Annie said...

I really don't mean to laugh, but you ran into TWO with a common background...the lady from your school and the wasp! LOL

Children below the age of 10 or 12 do not belong AT weddings or IN weddings unless you want all the attention on them instead of the bride and groom.

Rauf said...

i always wondered at the song, 'these boots are made for walking'
what ?
all boots are made for walking, what is she singing about ?
Now i understand that there are some shoes which are not made for walking.
Hi Judy, hope the blisters are healed. Very amusing account.
Doing fine Judy ?

PI said...

Commiserations about the feet and the ears- I know where you're coming from - there's nothing like a pair of flatties in your handbag.
Talking of coincidences - one of my readers realised when she saw my hospital photos that her MIL had trained there also. I expect she is younger that me - everybody is:)

Badaunt said...

I want to live in Miss Kenju's apartment. No bugs!

Wasps are nasty. So are heels. I try to avoid both.

(I keep meaning to find out the difference between wasps, bees, and hornets. I am allergic to honeybees, I know, but does that mean I'm allergic to the others as well?)

LZ Blogger said...

Judy ~ I am not a big fan of bugs... especially those kinds that bite! WATCH OUT! And BE CAREFUL! ~ jb///

tiff said...

It's just that you're so sweet that the wasps like you. :)

I just bought a pair of heels - first ones in probably 20 years. I hope I can still walk in them.

Mildred Garfield said...

"it's a small world after all." That happans a lot in Florida - you sit at a table in a restaurant and start talking to a person sitting nearby and what do you know, they come from an area near where you live or know someone you know.

That has happened to me while waiting on line at the movie theater, start taking to someone and there is some comnection!!

"It's a small world after all."

Evil Twin's Wife said...

And now you know why I hate bees. Sorry about the ouchies.

LZ Blogger said...

Judy ~ WASPS are a little scary to me... but to some... so are weddings! ~ jb///