Monday, July 26

Wedding Flowers

I'm trying an experiment; posting directly from Picasa, in order to get some photos here, since I can't do it in my usual fashion.

These are all from the wedding on 7-24-10.
Top: a dahlia
Second: the bridesmaid's bouquets
Third: the groom's cake
Fourth: one of the short centerpieces.

The heat index in Raleigh today was 111*. I could have been perfectly cool indoors, but I like to be outside. Before noon, I cleaned the pool and got in, during the process. It was heavenly. I spent more than 5 hours outside today and I never got hot after I got wet in the pool. I'm so grateful for it - and grateful for the heat wave that makes it possible for me to get into the water. I can't stand it unless the water is over 83*, and today it was 87* (again). I LOVE it.

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