Sunday, July 25

There should be photos here, but my computer has decided to chew them up and refuses to spit them out again. The handwriting is on the wall, but I'm slow to admit it:  my computer is dying. I took 36 photos today and most of them are stuck in limbo somewhere. I can see them, but I can't load them to the blog or email them.

Mel Day (my employer) had three events today; a wedding, a sweet sixteen party and a birthday party. The temperatures hovered around 100* and at one time, my car thermometer read 106*!!  We had delivered the first two events and had gone to the church to deliver the bouquets, etc., and when we came back out - Mel's van wouldn't start. Luckily, the wedding planner had jumper cables in her car, so we were able to get a jump start. Mel decided to drive around a bit and see if the battery would charge - but it didn't - so he had to buy a new battery. We were grateful that we had some time before we had to deliver the reception flowers, and grateful that we had no flowers in the van when we discovered it had a problem. Can you imagine being stuck somewhere with a van full of flowers in 100+ degrees? What a disaster that would be. It was always my worst nightmare when I was in business, but luckily, it never happened.

When I got home, the pool beckoned. I checked the temp and it was 87*. Oh, how I do LOVE warm pool water!!  The air temperature was still in the mid 90's and the pool felt great! Thank Heaven for simple pleasures.

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