Saturday, July 24

Odds and Ends

Hi, everyone! My name is Snoop Doggy and I'm kenju's newest Granddoggy!! I weigh 3 and 1/4 pounds and I'm a Malti-poo.
Tuesday at the Flower Shuttle
Also Tuesday at the Flower Shuttle

I tried to upload a photo I just took of a beautiful yellow butterfly, but Blogger didn't like it well enough, I guess. Maybe tomorrow. I'll be working, and hopefully I'll be able to get some shots of the flowers for you. There's a pink and hot-pink wedding, and an all yellow Sweet Sixteen party.

My computer is messing up more and more. Today I can get on the internet and access some saved files and photos, but my Outlook Express email will not open for love nor money. I have lots of saved emails there, so I hope we can eventually get back into them. It will sure be a bummer if we can't.

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