Tuesday, July 20

Photos from Wedding Sites

This is The Greystone Inn and Conference Center in Durham, NC. It is the former home of an important person around these parts, and is now used for weddings, receptions, parties, etc. It's much larger than it looks.

This is the house across the street, which has been bought by the owners of the Greystone Inn, to provide more rooms for guests of the Inn.

The bulls-eye mirror over one of the mantels.

A terrarium (with interesting reflections).

The chandelier in the dining room.

The library. The photographer for the wedding had set up in here for formal photos - hence the screen.

At one time, this house was cut-up into apartments, and my employer's cousin lived in this room. I love the built-in bookcases.

The other end of the library. The green marble (I think) is beautiful!

The sun room, where the caterer was setting up a bar.

A closeup of the sun room chandelier. It was very detailed, and beautiful.

Neat curves and dentil moldings.

The staircase in the foyer.

This is Duke Chapel. The priest who performed the ceremony was evidently a special friend of the family. He is holding the bride's bouquet - which I'm sorry I didn't get a closeup of. Mel outdid himself with that one!!

The ceiling of Duke Chapel, at the crossing of the nave and apse.

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