Monday, July 19

Weddings on July 17, 2010

My employer (Mel Day of Dogwood Tree Floral) had three weddings last Saturday. Two were in the color scheme of white and green and one was all red. Since Blogger won't let me place copy beside each photo without spacing problems, I'm going to type everything down here at the bottom.

One wedding was in Duke Chapel, one was at the Washington Duke Inn and one was in Raleigh at First Baptist Church and the Cardinal Club. Two of them had either an outdoor wedding or reception and both got rained out before time to begin. We had two gulley-washing rainstorms here on Saturday, with thunder and lightning and high winds. At The Graystone in Durham, where much of the reception was set up outdoors, the rains came during set-up and some of the lovely green table linens were so wet they appeared to have been dipped into a vat of water.

(I just lost 2 whole paragraphs of writing and I'm not one bit happy about it. Maybe I can remember enough of it to recapture all, but I doubt it.)

The mockingbird who had built her next inside the grapevine ball in the crape myrtle tree was not happy that we were hanging kissing balls so near to her babies. She blessed us out royally - although I didn't notice it until my friend Pam pointed out her squawks. My hearing aids weren't set for mockingbird that day, I suppose. We didn't really disturb her babies - not like the storm did - with the high winds playing havoc with the branches. After the storm; the sun came out, the temperatures were lower and there was beautiful watermelon pink flower confetti all over the lawn and porch. It was beautiful!

I loved the tablecloth overlay on the demilune cake table at the Cardinal Club; the appliqued flowers and leafy vines were beautiful atop the sage green underlay. I remarked it would be beautiful over French blue as well, especially if the cake had scroll work or vines in the same color!

The red wedding was at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham. It was originally set for outdoors, but the storms took care of that. They moved into a section of the ballroom. The tables couldn't be set up completely because they had to move them after the ceremony, so we left the centerpieces setting in the floor. The wait staff was going to place them when the time came.

Speaking of storms, we are about to get more of them, so I'll close now and post more tomorrow. I got some good photos of the Greystone Inn that you might want to see.

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