Wednesday, July 21

OOPS! Almost midnight and no post in sight! Let's see what I can do to remedy that.

Several days ago, my cat fell into the pool. She was very surprised - as was I. I'm not sure what happened, but I think I pulled the water hose too hard and caused her to jump when she was standing too close to the edge. I heard a splash; saw something black in the pool and it took me a few seconds to process what had happened. I ran to lift her out, but by the time I got there she had already heaved herself out of the water by pulling herself up and over the side. I can hardly believe she was able to do that on her own, seeing how fat she is and how she has a hard time getting up into my recliner without help. I guess she had extreme motivation! This cat has never had a bath (that I know of) and I don't think she ever wants another one.

Mr. kenju asked if I got a photo of her while she was wet. I didn't. The first thing I ran for was a towel, and I wrapped her in it and dried her as best I could while holding her in my arms. The poor thing was so bewildered.

There was a silver lining to it though (you knew there would be, didn't you?) She bathed herself all over. It took her more than 35 minutes to do it and when she was done, her fur was much softer than it ever has been. I've about decided that I need to throw her into the pool about 3 times per year!


A license plate I saw yesterday: MNKYSHTL

I took it to mean Monkey Shuttle, and since it was a van, I imagined hordes of children being picked up from school. And it also reminded me of some friends who have a newish dog named Monkey. It would make a fine chariot for that!


We had some glorious rain storms tonight, the first real rain in weeks. It apparently left havoc in its wake all over the area; trees down, power lines down and leaf debris blown everywhere. We had no damage, but as we were eating dinner, lightning and thunder were so bad that mr. kenju jumped a mile when one particularly loud boomer hit. Next thing we knew, two fire trucks were flashing their lights on the street behind us. I don't know if anything caught on fire, but mr. kenju swore he smelled smoke when he opened the kitchen door. Since he had a stroke, his sense of smell is greatly heightened (or so he says). I can't wear cologne, and he objects if I spray air freshener or use scented candles. And of course, passing gas is out of the question....LOL

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