Thursday, July 22

A Sinking Feeling......

Did you ever lose something and get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

This morning, after arising at 9am (lady of leisure today) and spending 90 minutes on the computer, I went outside to make my rounds: cleaning out the pool skimmer, looking for deer in the woods and then I went out to the street to collect the recycle bins and the trash bin. On the way to the street, I picked up some fallen branches (we had a heck of a storm last night!) and threw them into the woods. Arriving at the street, I picked up the newspaper, put the recycle bins into the trash bin and as I closed the lid, it jumped up and hit my upper arm (don't ask me how that happened). I rolled the can back up the driveway and suddenly, I realized I didn't have my glasses on. 

I put my old pair on and I retraced my steps twice (with mr. kenju following me) and couldn't see them anywhere.  I was nearly in tears, because I had only had the glasses since July 16th. Can you imagine how distraught I was at the thought of having to replace them???  I'm not rolling in money and that would be one of my least favorite ways to part with some.

After that I spent some time doing chores around the house; laundry, etc. I went back out a few minutes ago to look for them again, just as I saw the neighbor's lawn man pull up into the cul-de-sac. Uh-oh, I said, if they're out there, he'll crush them! I decided to look in the lawn and further out into the street - and there they were! Three feet from the edge of the grass. I can't believe I didn't see them when I looked before - but no matter - since I finally found them and I can relax!Whew! What a morning.

P.S.  I was wearing the glasses. I think that when the lid of the trash receptacle hit my arm, I jerked my head and they flew off. 

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