Friday, July 2

Flora and Fauna + # 46

We, or rather the lantanas, were visited by this beauty recently. He really likes lantana blossoms - he visited every single floret on every cluster of two separate plants and then went onto the purple petunias. He didn't seem to mind my hovering over him either. I took 7 or 8 photos, but this was the best one. Click to embiggen.

When the gardenias bloomed this spring, they were glorious and the aroma was overwhelming. I counted over 65 blooms open at one time - and then it got super hot and that was the last of that. At present, my large bush is covered in brown, withered blooms. I will be pruning them off soon; saying goodbye to a short season and
hoping for more next year!

Far left and right; a pair seen recently in the side yard. The one on the left must have been a male. Shortly after I took this photo, he stomped his feet and the one on the right ran far enough away to be out of my line of vision. It has been a while since I have seen them around here and I really miss them when they don't come around.


Today is our forty-sixth anniversary. Read all about it. It's a miracle we made it this far!


kenju said...

I give up on the spacing of the photos and captions. I have NO idea why it looks like this - since it didn't before I posted it. BAH!

Gilly said...

That is a beautiful butterfly! Is it a Swallowtail? We don't have them here, but I have seen them in Greece and they are so lovely!

We have had RAIN! The garden looks much more cheerful.

And we are in our 50th married year and I don't know how I managed to stay here, either!!

Tabor said...

I guess what caught my attention was that you still have pansies blooming along with lantana! That is quite a feat.

Granny Annie said...

Happy Anniversary. You failed to mention the beauty queen Mr.Kenju got in the bargain.

Arkansas Patti said...

Congrats big time on your 46th. I really enjoyed your earlier article.
My, what a great looking couple you were and still are. Fifty years should be a piece of cake.
I loved that you admit to arguing which is a sign of passion.
Have a wonderful day and year with many, many more.

Pat said...

Many congratulations!
I thought those first two photos were professional.
Wasn't it gardenias that Billie Holliday always wore in her hair?

Nancy said...

Congratulations to you and Mr. Kenju on your Wedding Anniversary.

Much happiness to you both in the years until your 50th..

Keep arguing, it's good for your marriage; keeps things stirred up and interesting!

srp said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And many, many more to come!
Today, so that Stephen could see of course, I saw a tiny hummingbird going after the lantana here. It gathered nectar from multiple flowers before heading out. So the bees, butterflies and birds love lantana.

PS... the Boston butt was great... I used cherry and hickory wood to smoke and would like to try one with applewood. But, I would probably smoke it until it reached an internal temp of 140 and then put it in heavy aluminum foil and in the oven on 225 until the temperature inside reached 205. That would beat trying to keep coals going all day at a constant temperature. I almost used a whole large bag of them.

My brother is here. He is jet lagged.... so am I but I didn't go anywhere.

oklhdan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Forty-six years is quite an accomplishment.....the best to you both!

tiff said...

Judy - I'll show you tomorrow how to do the spacing thing (I hope).

Y'all are a beautiful couple.

sage said...

I love the butterfly and flower--Happy Anniversary!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Happy Happy Anniversary, my dear Judy and Mr. Kenju. 46 years--BLESS YOU BOTH!!!

Loved the pictures--especially that lovely Butterfly. So many Gardenia Blooms---How Fabulous! They do have the most WONDERFUL aroma....!

kenju said...

Nancy, re your comment: I got the new Bride's Magazine today and it has an article about how constructive arguing is good for a marriage!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats indeed, on your 46th! What a milestone!