Thursday, July 1


"The Eye of Horus" is a book I read recently. Written by Carol Thurston, she weaves ancient lives with current happenings and throws in a smattering of medical technique, romance and intrigue. If you are an Egyptophile, as I am, you'll enjoy this book.

A few chapters have as a header a poem from "Awakening Osiris" by Normandi Ellis. Here's an example:

"I wake in the dark to the stirring of birds,
a murmur in the trees, a flutter of wings.
It is the morning of my birth, the first of many.
Lions roar in the temple and the earth trembles.
But it is only tomorrow keeping watch over today.

(I get cold chills just reading that.)


Pat said...

I had a brief visit to Egypt - by boat from Cyprus - but it was unforgettable.

sage said...

I'm not an egyptophile, but I like that poem and the linking of present, past and future.

Arkansas Patti said...

If I did needlepoint, I would copy that poem.
Will see if Kindle has the book.

srp said...

That is a lovely poem... I woke in the dark with the birds this morning and saw the sunrise... or at least the morning light as I was on the west side of the house trying to get the smoker going. Stephen is in the air... somewhere over the Atlantic and scheduled to get to DC at 3PM. I do hope this Boston butt gets done on time... it has reached its plateau temp of 174... now if it will just go on and push forward to 205.

Ginnie said...

Weaving "ancient lives with current happenings" sounds intriguing. I've never heard of the author before but your recommendation has piqued my interest.

Jay Simser said...

Now I am going to have to get another book. This is something else we have in common. I have been enamored with Egypt all my life. In 1976 I spent 6 weeks there from Alexandria to Abu Simbal.

It was an incredible experience. I just finished reading Nefritti. Thanks for the lovely poem. I love the line "only tomorrow keeping watch over today" - Thanks again

femail doc said...

Hi Judy, My trainer at the gym will marry in August and is fretting over what color bouquet goes with a champagne-colored dress. I thought you'd probably have some great bouquet pics, and I was right. Just sent her the link to your Picasa page!

Grandmother Crone said...

Thanks for touting this book. It's just the kind I love. Ordering from B&N tonight.
Have you read the Amelia Peabody books? Wonderful for Egyptologists. Terrific characters. If you choose to read them start with the first in the series.