Saturday, April 10

From 2008

My 2008 Christmas poinsettia continues to thrive, although the conditions here are anything but those in which it usually grows. My dining room (its current home) is about 70-72* and dry as a bone. In Mexico and So. America, the usual habitat, it is, of course, very hot and humid as all get out!

I will put this one outside as soon as we have passed the last possibility for frost (ordinarily around May 15th). Maybe it will come back to its original color ..... fire-engine red!


Being on Facebook has its advantages. I was just "found" by a cousin I haven't heard from in over ten years. She saw my name on the FB page of my high school class president. His wife was her childhood friend. My cousin lives in Florida and the class president lives in Pennsylvania and I am in North Carolina - but we all hail from the Charleston, WV area. Small world, isn't it? If you aren't on Facebook yet - maybe you should give it a try.


Some very lovely rain fell last night and washed most of the yucky pollen away and we are extremely thankful for that. My sneezing, eye-itching and throat-tickling haven't stopped, however. One can hope that will come soon.


Two lucky people in my family have just won an all-expense paid trip starting in Barcelona; where they will board a cruise ship and be taken to Valencia, Malaga and Majorca. Can you stand it?? I am most happy for them, but I would LOVE to be along on that trip!! Many years ago, mr. kenju worked for a company that took their top producers on wonderful trips every year. We got to go on their trips to 4-5 great places, and then, on the eve of going to the Costa del Sol in Spain, he quit that company. I mourned and mourned for weeks. I truly didn't see why he couldn't just hang on with that job until after that fabulous vacation!


srp said...

Stephen sang in Valencia and Madrid last year. Love the opera house complex in Valencia... I think he gave me the pictures he took to play with.

Grannymar said...

You have a Christmas poinsettia since 2008???? I once had one that lasted from Christmas until Easter and thought it must be a record! For me is was, since all flowers and plants die in my house within a week. :(

Kay Dennison said...

Love the flowers!!!!

Want the trip to Spain!!!!

Facebook is not for me.

Pat said...

At least you'll be able to see all their holiday snaps and sweetly remind Mr Kenju of what you have missed:)

Ginnie said...

I have never been successful with pointsettias. Did you do the part about leaving it in a dark place after Christmas and then planting?

Greta said...

First, I can't believe your poinsettia thumb! I've tried over the years to keep one going but never made it.

Second, Facebook has been fun in the way I have re-connected with people. It must be b/c I grew up just 90 miles up the Elk River from Charleston!

Third, I'm glad to be able to get back to reading my favorite blogs.

Darlene said...

Did you ever forgive Mr. Kenju? I don't think I could have.

My husband was in a sales contest for a two week trip anywhere in the world. I did everything but buy advertising to help him win. After he lost and the winning couple had their passports and reservations made we discovered that he was actually the winner. I was always suspicious that he fixed the records so that it looked like he lost because he didn't like to travel. I have never gotten over it although it happened 40 years ago.

Mar said...

I got a xmas-cactus for a change last Xmas.
Congrats to your lucky relatives, wish you were coming along to Barcelona!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Facebook is something that doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm happy with my blogs. :)