Sunday, February 7

Odds & Ends

By the time I took this photo, the snow and ice had already begun to melt. Though I had only seen our deer once since my neighbor shot a 22 rifle in their direction about six weeks ago, this is incontrovertible evidence they've been around. I took this photo looking out an upstairs bedroom window; it covers an area of about 30' from left to right. On the same day, I saw bunny tracks in the front yard.

When I left home Saturday morning to have breakfast with my daughter, there were five deer on the right side of the house; thumbing their noses at the neighbor, I imagine, since they were very close to his property. The deer didn't spook when I came out of the garage to get in the car, and they were still around and didn't spook when mr. kenju came back home from a church meeting shortly after I left. I think they are getting used to the two of us, and they know we won't hurt them. That pleases me.

Speaking of breakfast, we went to Courtney's. I had pancakes and bacon and enjoyed every mouthful. It was a stack of three, and I couldn't eat all of it (they were at least 9" in diameter!) We usually go to Brig's for breakfast and I think I prefer them, but Courtney's was acceptable.


Since I will be working every day next week save one, I had to go to the grocery today to stock up. I really hate going to the store on Saturday when everyone else is there too - but I had no choice. Even with $37+ worth of coupons, it was a huge bill. I complain too much about the cost of food, I know, but humor me, please. Another thing that gets my ire up at the grocery is how they pack the bags. I take my own permanent bags (6 of them). The baggers don't seem to like it when you do that, since they have to actually put some thought into how they do it. They would prefer to bag everything in those damnable plastic bags, so they can put 1-2-3 things in one bag and send me home with 20 bags. And everything falls out of them on the way home, so I have to pack them all over again. They always pack my bags with too much heavy stuff, and even though there are heavy-duty strap handles, they are the devil to lift out of the van. I guess I should remember to tell them not to do that when they first start, instead of waiting until the end and then complaining about it. LOL


Loren said...

As long as they don't squish the hot dog buns, or, worse, yet, the eclairs I generally don't complain about how they bag our canvas bags.

I actually find it much easier to carry heavy canvas bags than I do those damnable plastic bags that want to cut into your skin when they're really heavy.

Gilly said...

Don't talk to me about packers!! I have my groceries delivered, as I can't manage to chop, stand in line and cart it all out to the car, plus using a crutch!

But my stuff comes with tins in with tomatoes, flour bags next to things with sharp edges, bread rools underneath heavy items and so on and so on!

I usually manage to pay the delivery charge with the savings I make on special offers etc. So I don't feel guilty about it.

But we don't have deer round here, too urban I think. I would love to see deer again. Where we used to live we occasionally got muntjac deer, but that is all. Nothing as beautiful as you see!

But what would dig big holes in our lawn??

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love seeing the Deer tracks Juy, and knowing that they are so comfotable with you and Mr. Kenju. That is so incredibly special that they feel safe with you both. There is some so sweet and vulnerable about Deer---a gentleness that is very appealing.

Have a GOOD week, my dear, and don't work too hard! I know you enjoy what you do so very much and that is a great PLUS, isn't it?
Have Fun!

Grannymar said...

I like to pack my own bags in the supermarket, I am glad to know there is someone else out there like me!

Granny Annie said...

We only shoot our deer with a camera but they have plenty of other hunters around here to keep them on their toes.

I checked out Courtney's and Brigs and believe Brigs sounded better. Courtney's only had two and a half stars but it sounds like they stay packed all the time anyway.

Grocery sacks drive me crazy. I try to double bag everything after the clerk has put fifty cans in one flimsy sack.

Star said...

MMM. Bacon and pancakes. Sounds good right now.Your neighbor shot at the deer? Isn't there a less violent way to shoo them? In this neck of the woods,management demands we fill those plastic sacks with. Bags are an expense and we cannot be wasteful. Our customers complain that they are too full. There is no pleasing everyone. LOL

Lynn said...

I have a big collection of grocery bags in the trunk of my car and keep forgetting to take them in. You are right - it is so much better to use those and they don't fill the plastic ones enough.

Arkansas Patti said...

Since there are other houses around, wasn't that a "careless discharge of a firearm?" That is an offense in most states. Glad the deer know you all are safe.
My baggers hate the canvas bags. So much so that I often bag my own. They should be mandatory then they would have to learn how to do it.
Have fun working next week.

robin andrea said...

We always bring our canvas bags and pack our own groceries when we shop at the local co-op. When we go to the bigger supermarkets, we let them pack the few things we buy in plastic. It's usually only one bag's worth, and we try to re-use and recycle those. I actually thinking bagging groceries is an ancient art, which I have yet to fully master.

Nice deer tracks.

LL Cool Joe said...

We have a family of deer that live on our land. I've only ever managed to get a distant shot of them.

I always take my own bags when doing a food shop, I really do try to do my bit for the environment if I can. I pack them myself.

Jen said...

I can live with a few heavy bags since I can easily move a few things to a lighter bag. It irks me to no end when they put poisons in the same bag as the food items!

I love the reusable bags the grocery stores have all started carrying. I not only use them for groceries, but for packing a change of clothes, DVD's I'm loaning to friends, anything I need to carry on a daily basis. I carry an empty one when I'm traveling for whatever odds and ends don't fit in the suitcase. They are wonderful!

Bob-kat said...

I am glad the deer are still around. What on earth possessed your neighbour to shoot at them?

Kay Dennison said...

I'm glad the deer like y'all --a pox on your neighbor!

Yum on the brekky.

I hate the grocery, too. It's becoming too expensive for me to eat!

Travelin'Oma said...

We used to have an open A-frame playhouse in our backyard and every year a doe and her fawns came to stay for a few weeks. I loved watching them. They pruned our bushes and trees, and fertilized our lawn!

Pat said...

I do hope the neighbour didn't mean to shoot them.