Sunday, June 7

It might be wise to carry a penny in your pocket

while working in the yard.......... BEE STINGS !

A couple of weeks

ago, I was stung by

both a bee and hornet

while working in the garden.

My arm swelled up,

so I went to the doctor.

The clinic gave me

cream and an antihistamine. The next

day the swelling was

getting progressively

worse, so I went to

my regular doctor. The

arm was infected and needed an


The doctor told me -

" The next

time you get stung,

put a penny on the

bite for 15 minutes".

That night, my niece

was stung by two bees.

I looked at the bite and

it had already started

to swell. So, I taped a

penny to her arm for

15 minutes.

The next morning,

there was no

sign of a bite. We

decided that she just


allergic to the sting.

Soon, I was gardening outside. I got stung

again, twice by a

hornet on my left hand.

I thought, here I go

again to the doctor for another antibiotic.

I promptly got my

money out and taped

two pennies to my bites, then sat and sulked

for 15 minutes. The

penny took the sting

out of the bite


In the meantime the

hornets were attacking,

and my friend was stung

on the thumb. Again the penny. The next morning

I could only see the spot where the hornet had

stung me. No redness,

no swelling. My friend's sting was the same;

couldn't even tell

where she had been


She got stung again

a few days later on

her back---cutting

the grass! And the

penny worked once


Wanted to share

this information in

case you experience the same problem.

We need to keep a stock of pennies on hand.

The doctor said

that the copper in

the penny counter-

acts the bite.

It definitely works!

EDIT: I had to re-do this post, so it could all be seen - and that made me lose the comments that were here. Sorry!


PI said...

Well that's great info but how terrifying to be in danger of being stung all the time . I'm scared s------- of hornets. Thanks for the great advice.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's a really interesting trick. I feel sorry for those poor souls who got stung half to bits - all in the name of research, I suppose?

Granny Annie said...

We have not tried this but we did hear about it for the first time about a month ago. This post definitely makes me want to be sure there is always a penny in my pocket.

Gilly said...

I always went by the old saying "Bi-carb(onate of soda) for bees, vinegar for wasps". That worked too, but I shall try the penny trick next time.

What are your pennies made of, and how big are they? Our (old) pennies were copper and very large, but when the UK went decimal in 1971 the pennies were tiddly size. And I think they are made of a base metal now, especially seeing as how they are worth nothing, even the 2p ones.

I'll try it, but keep the b-carb in the cupboard! I am very allergic to bee and wasp stings.

Tabor said...

I found that my allergic reaction to hornets while living overseas was less with each successive bite. I wonder if this penny thing works with tick bites...we have been getting mostly those this spring!

srp said...

I'll have to add this to the dryer sheets. If you run across anything for ticks let me know. They don't bother the dog... she has her monthly stuff for them. But they seem to come in on me whenever I work in the yard. So far they haven't bitten, just annoyed me when I find them walking around.

Arkansas Patti said...

One of those ideas that sounds great but you hope you never have to test. Will keep it in mind just in case.

tiff said...

Man - who gets stung that much? I'd move. :)

JeanMac said...

Wow, terrific idea. Thanks. I'll pass it along.

rosemary said...

My dad used mud.....didn't change the fact that if i get stung my eip-pen had better be close by....but I will pass on the penny info.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is GREAT information, Judy...I must remember this...! I thought, as I was reading this---it had to be something about the copper!

Joy Des Jardins said...

That is amazing Judy. I will definitely keep this in mind. I had always heard putting chewing tobacco on a sting draws the stinger out. But this is so much better. Thanks.

Beverly said...

That's interesting. I read the other day that an onion cut in half and applied to the sting will have a similar effect.