Monday, June 8

Weddings on June 6, 2009

(The weddings of Mel Day, Dogwood Tree Floral Design)

The ceremony was held in one-half of the ballroom at Prestonwood Country Club. The family seating markers were yellow callas, which figured prominently in the wedding.

The tables were lined up closely together, and were to be moved into the other half of the ballroom as soon as the ceremony concluded and the guests left for the cocktail hour. Half of them had black tablecloths and half had this swirly design. As in a recent wedding, the centerpieces here were three cylinder vases of differing heights; each holding a different flower:
dendrobium orchid sprays, calla lilies and white mountain lilies.

Alternate tables had tall vases of yellow calla lilies and ruscus.

A close-up of the yellow callas. So elegant!

I love the chandeliers in this venue. I can say "so elegant" here, too!

The bride's bouquet in another wedding. Blue and white hydrangea, with white roses and blue delphinium florets.

Her eleven bridesmaid's bouquets. I know Mel was very tired of them after making the fifth one!

Phaelenopsis orchids; also called "moth" orchids.

And lastly, this guy was not a guest at either wedding. He was in my garage when I left to go to work on Saturday morning. He was trapped in cobwebs at the base of the garage door. The stuff near his head was a pillbug and a balled up, dead spider. I swept him out of the garage; freeing him from the cobwebs, and he lay on the driveway, perfectly still for a few minutes. He was probably wondering what the heck just happened.


Angie said...

Very nice. I do love callas lillies.

Tabor said...

Such a contrast...snakes and flowers!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Such BEAUTIFUL Flowers, Judy....Those Yellow Callas are extraordinarily gorgeous..WOW!
It is so fascinating to see all the different things that Mel does for these different Weddings....

That poor little guy...How wonderful that you freed him....(He wasn't dead, was he?)

oklhdan said...

I love the yellow callas. All the flowers were beautiful.

Journey said...


srp said...

Our calla lilies came back up as beautiful as when I planted them last year. Do I understand correctly that they grow pretty well and are actually hard to get rid of once they are established? Oops, I planted some purple ones this year.

As for the snake.... one of the critters I would rather never meet... I don't care if they are not poisonous ... EWWW!

Grannymar said...

I love the Phaelenopsis orchids.

When I see your garage visitor, I am glad St Patrick did a good job of removing the snakes from Ireland! ;-)

Granny Annie said...

Judy, was any part of you tempted to take the snake to the wedding? I'll bet it would have been treated as the most interesting guest. LOL

Gilly said...

I've never seen black tablecloths before, but they do look so elegant! Especially with the calla lillies, and of course, the elegant, sophisticated arrangements!

So beautiful, such a wonderful way to give the bride a day to remember!

Arkansas Patti said...

Eleven bridesmaids?? Great to have so many friends but puts the onus on the groom to come up with that many groomsmen.
Loved the moth orchid.
Great as always pictures.

Nancy said...


How times have changed. Eleven bridesmaids.... I had one bridesmaid and one Maid of Honor.

AND I thought my wedding was wonderful!!!

robin andrea said...

I love seeing those yellow calla lilies. Such a bright, warm color. Cool snake too, I hope he survived the web entanglement and moved on.

tiff said...

That last picture took me completely by surprise! :)

LOVE the flower photos. How different tastes can result in equally spectacular flowers is amazing.

Darlene said...

It is amazing to me the variety of flowers used in arrangements. There is a definitely an artistic talent at work to create such gorgeous and different arrangements. The Brides bouquet is more traditional, but still unique. I do love roses so I probably would choose something similar.

Thank you for sharing the fabulous photos of flowers.

rosemary said...

Beautiful arrangements all of them. Snakes and i do not get along. Luckily there are no poisonous snakes in Idaho.

John said...

Oh such beautiful photos, gorgeous presentations and you are an excellent photographer too! I especially love to see the table arrangements. The reception tables are always so unique, aren't they.

That photo of the yellow Callas is breathtaking. I love Callas!

I am so happy to see the wedding pics you post. I still don't like to do weddings though, but I will (there's no way out as a florist).

Then you go and scare the daylights out of me with that snake! Ssssssssssssss!

Beverly said...

I do like the flowers. I haven't seen calla lilies very often.

I would have loved the blue and white flowers for my wedding.

I'm glad you didn't kill the snake, and I'm glad he didn't scare you too much...