Friday, August 1

Amazing Cakes, Part 2

Make ME some money, too!!

A very official looking badge!

I'd like to find that box o' money, wouldn't you?

A very authentic newspaper page.

Pizza, anyone?

Maybe roulette's your style?

As a scorpio, (sun, moon & ascendant) I love this one!!

Who knew a gym shoe could look appetizing?!

An astronomy lesson and dessert all at once!

Gay Paree!

Sunken Treasure!

And MY very favorite - the Singer Sewing Machine, Would you believe I have one that looks just like that??!!
Blogger is not letting me post these the way I'd like. Remember, they are cakes from a Russian contest, and everything on them is edible! Thanks to Rauf at Daylight Again for the photos. I couldn't put captions in the right place, but my favorites are the scorpion and the sewing machine! What are yours?


JeanMac said...

Def. the sewing machine.

Grannymar said...

Last one is for me. I remember using a sewing machine like that when I was young.

bobbie said...

Oh, my word! That first one! And the newspaper page! And the sewing machine! Just beyond words.

Bear Naked said...

These are incredible.
I love the sewing machine and the treasure chest and the newspaper and............
I would never be able to be a judge at a competion of cakes like this.
There is no way I could decide which would be 1st.
They all deserve 1st place.

Bear((( ))

Granny Annie said...

Of course the sewing maching, but the treasure box looks pretty involved as well. Each one is amazing! I'm wondering if it's a Russian contest, why the US Dollars?

tiff said...

Whoa - more amazing than the last batch.

Mar said...

The cakes are such pieces of art!!!love the pictures.

Blogger seems to be having some issues...locking Naomi's blog is one of the major ones!

Michele sent me this time :)

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

Those cakes are amazing! I love the singer and the scorpion too ;)


GJG said...

Pheenomenal pictures of fantastic cakes. (and glad to see I am not the only one to have problems with mounting and labeling pics in blogger. You might want to swing over and look at Wayne Johns blogger lessons, he has one focused just on putting pics in to blogger, how to resize the pic once its posted etc. The link to his site his in my list of Blogger Intertainment on my blog page. (I believe off the top of my head its lesson number #4 or #5.

Gary (aka old dude)

Shephard said...

The sewing machine is my favorite.
I didn't know you were a triple Scorpio. :) It's my Asc.
Leo sun, Libra moon.
~S :)

Carmi said...

I'd be too afraid to eat any of them :)

Seriously, I just love these, Judy. How lucky their creators must be to be so artistically gifted.

Dianne said...

the newspaper page is beyond amazing but they're all incredible.

rashbre said...

These cakes are amazing. I've got as far as making a castle by taking a square sponge and adding an Ice cream cornet to each corner as turrets.

David said...

the box of money looks like a Nigerian trick, beware.
saw you at Michele's, too long since I have been here. Come over
its my Birth day.

Anna said...

My favorite is the shoe way up top!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are simply AMAZING! I don't think I have ever seen anything like this before...One is more amazing than the next....!
I would have to say the Sewing looks just like my Mothers...! I don't have it, but my sister does!
But truthfully...they are ALL Fantastic!

Star said...

Hard to pick one. But I think the sewing machine. I just know I wouldn't want to cut into any of them.

Farrago said...

I would have to say the shoe. It looks so real I'm afraid I'd wind up with cake and frosting between my toes.