Wednesday, June 25

My Travelling Baby

My baby daughter is in London this week, on what is ostensibly a business trip - but she has time to sight-see as well. Even though this is her 4th or 5th time in London, she still takes photos to share with her mom and dad. Problem is, I don't know exactly what I am looking at - so if you know - leave a comment about it, please. (Click to embiggen!)

But this one (below) I do know: It is Nelson Mandela, in London on the occasion of his 90th birthday party. Oprah and Bill Clinton are also there, and Will Smith is to be the emcee of the show, but they haven't been spotted (yet), at least by my girl. I think he looks amazing for 90, but my daughter said he is pretty feeble. I think he must have the constitution of an ox, to be in the shape he is after suffering what he did for so many years.

Long live Mandela!!


Jamie Dawn said...

How exciting for your daughter!
I've never been to Europe, but I hope to go there someday. London would be a must on my agenda.

Beverly said...

I was only in London once. I spent three or four days there before I went to France to study. I met one of my co-workers from Haiti there, who is British. We stayed with her friend, and so I got to see England from a little bit different point of view.

I would assume the first picture is Big Ben? I love those giant lions. I tried to read what is written on the second building, but I couldn't make it out.

Mandela does look great, doesn't he. I would want to look that good at 90.

Carletta said...

How nice your Baby sends photos to share!
I was going to say Big Ben too. Wonderful pics!
Mandela always has that smile regardless.

lom said...

top pic the clock is knowen as big ben, in fact it's the bell inside that is big ben not the clock. in the foreground is nelsons coloum,
Not to sure about the next pic, will look it up for you

ET said...

You have a very sharing daughter.

I studied and studied the pictures, I think I can tell you what you see:

a clock on a tower
probably a steeple,
and a fountain.
You already know the last one.

lom said...

The second pic is St. Martins church

Carmi said...

How cool that she got to witness history so closely. He is a remarkable man on so many levels.

I have to apologize that I live in the wrong London to be of much service :) I've been hankering for a GPS dongle for my camera that would eliminate that problem: every photo would be electronically stamped with the GPS coordinates of the camera at the moment it was taken.

I'm too much of a geek for my own good!

Greg Finnegan said...

1. Parliament - Big Ben.

2. The Church of St. Martin of the Fields.

3. Westminster Abbey, behind a severe water leak right in the street due to sloppy English maintenance.

4. The chaperone in charge of Clinton and Winfrey. (Good luck, Nellie!)

moon said...

Wow, great photo of Nelson Mandela! I actually still have a t-shirt I used to wear alot, specially in demonstrations back in the day, it has his photo on it and says FREE NELSON MANDELA!...

Ginnie said...

great pictures...I loved the one of Mandela.

utenzi said...

Nice pictures, Judy. It was fortunate that your daughter found a brief window of good weather there. Maybe global warming is helping out London in that regard--might be a nice time for all of us to visit.

Pagan Sphinx said...

The lion and fountain are in Trafalgar Square; one of my favorite places in London. And in that same courtyard is the National Gallery of Art, though it is not visible in the photo.

Nice of your daughter to keep in touch. Sounds like a good kid.

Shephard said...

I recognized Trafalgar as well. I love the lions. :)
Great photos.