Tuesday, January 22

The Wedding Bouquets

The bride's bouquet was made of cream cymbidium orchids, about 18 of them. Each mother carried a small nosegay of 3 orchids. They were all packed with tissue paper around them (that is the colorful stuff around the bouquets). I usually deliver bouquets in aluminum cans (they don't break and they're free), but this time I had to use some vases too.

The 13 bridesmaids carried lime green cymbidiums, nine each. The stems were wrapped in ribbon to match and pinned with small, pearl-head pins.

Since my email is messed up, I have to post directly through Picasa. I am surprised that it decided to let me do it, since I haven't been able to before the time that I changed from original blogger to blogger2. Can anyone offer a suggestion of what to do?

Someone ran a diagnostic CD on my computer; to find and remove any viruses, trojans, adware and spyware. It now runs much faster, but since that was done, my Outlook Express is coo-coo. I can see that an email has arrived, read the subject line and who it was from, but when I click to open the message, the body of it is blank. It also erased the content of all the email we had saved in folders. Mr. kenju and I are frantic to get it all back. Can anyone help? I already did a system restore, and it didn't change anything.
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Anonymous said...

The photos are great. Sorry I am unable to help with the email problems.

Did you try uninstalling and re installing the email programme?

Nancy said...


I don't know anything about the workings of computers but I do know that any time my computer or my printer or even my telephone act up, I simply pull out all the plugs and let them recycle for about 15 minutes and when I turn them back on,. they usually work.

I think they are fixed to recycle after a power outage and that is why my technique works.

You've probably already done this but if not,try it.

As they say in South Philly, "It can't hoit."

Ginnie said...

Hi Judy. Lovely floral arrangements. I wish I could help you with your computer problems. I was going to say to do a "system restore" but you said you'd already done that...maybe you could go back to an earlier date and try to restore.

moon said...

I'm useless with pc stuff, I have a techy hubby for those problems lol...it's probably why I never retain what he trys to tell me at time, I just know he will fix it again anyway lol
As for the flowers OMG so lovely Judy...and wow , 13 bridesmaids!! Holy Big Wedding Batman!!

Maria said...

I have one, but they don't want to recognize it. I bet I have joined the google group fifty times by now. It is annoying to have to take so much time to fill out all the information, just to have them say, you have a google account do you want to use it.

See I am no help at all for any major problem.

Carolyn said...

You make me wish I'd become a florist!

Wish I could help w/your pc problems but those things stump me too.

PI said...

Each week I am presented with some change or other. I now have to check Dashboard all the time as some comments go straight there. Sorry I can't help and good luck with it.

Diane Mandy said...

How beautiful!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Everyone should have a computer geek at their beck and call when these problems come up. I worry about these things all the time. I suppose when you devote as much time on the computer as we do there's no way of getting around it. I hope someone can help with your computer woes Judy.

As always...your flowers are just gorgeous.

Maria said...

I just read the comment I wrote last night which makes no sense whatsoever because Blogger (who I am convinced hates me,) left out the beginning of my comment where I complimented you on your beautiful bouquets and all your magical talent. Skpped the second paragraph where I was mentioning my irration with Blogger/Google accounts. I have to either sign in a new account each time or go to the second page of the No Google Account nonsense and at the top of that page it says sign in. By that time, I have lost my comment and have to rewrite. Fortunately, I now copy it first and then paste.

So what I was talking about in the comment was my aggravation with Blogger when I have an account and they won't recognize it.

Just wanted to assure you that I was not losing my mind totally nor had I imbided in too much of the bubbly last night. (LOL)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These bouquets are just BEAUTIFUL, Judy....! The Brides Bouquet is so lush...! 13 Bridesmaids??? LOL!

Okay. Question: What did the flowers cost for this Wedding...? Orchids....? I mean, just the Bouquets for everyone, alone...I mean, Well, I'd love to get an idea what such a large wedding costs, including Rehearsal Dinner and ALL the other flowers at the reception...! I will understand if you don't feel you can share that Judy...! Again...this is fascinating to me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

And forgivecme for not commenting on the Computer Problems...But, I haven't got a clue!!!
I hope you get it all fixed, my dear....! THese things are so damn frustrating, aren't they?

Jamie Dawn said...

I am a computer dummy. If my hubby and kids weren't computer whizzes, I'd be stuck whenever a computer problem happened.

Those orchids are so pretty!!

Shephard said...

Cymbidiums! They used those on several of the Rose Bowl Floats. I'll never remember that name. lol But I love them. Pale green and and yellow arrangements are some of my favorites.

barbie2be said...

seriously? 13 bridesmaids? good grief.