Wednesday, January 23

Wedding Reception Flowers

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This is the main buffet centerpiece for the wedding reception (1-19-08). The urn is 3 feet tall and the full arrangement is approximately 9 feet tall, including corkscrew willow, and about 3 1/2 feet wide. I tied dendrobium and cymbidium orchids into the willow with green raffia. My friend Pam made this arrangement too. She loves doing huge arrangements - the bigger the better - and this one certainly fills that requirement.

This is one of the 30 table centerpieces; the vases are 24" tall, so the full arrangements were nearly 5' in height. Inside the vase is a green miniature cymbidium orchid spray, attached to a lime. I knew that without an anchor, the orchids would float. One day I was musing about the wedding details and "limes" came to me. It was a classic "light bulb over the head" moment. I thought it was much more creative than a bunch of clear marbles! Apparently others thought so too, since most of the positive feed-back I've had focused on the use of the limes.

The reception made use of 13 high-boy cocktail tables, and this is what sat on them. I used a 4" square vase centered by a votive candle, surrounded by green, dried split peas! Just before the guests arrived, we placed cymbidium orchids on these tables, one beside every vase.

This is one of the overall views of the ballroom at North Ridge Country Club. There were 22 tables in the main ballroom, 5 on a tented terrace and 3 in another room.
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Kristi said...

These are gorgeous, Judy. What I like about them, besides the beautiful arrangement and flower choices, is that the tall vases allow people seated around the table to actually see and talk to eachother, which isn't always the case when a large centerpiece is present in the center. said...

That is breath-takingly beautiful. I am going to order myself a big bouquet of "non-wedding flowers" Who says ya gotta get married to surround yourself with this kind of beauty.

rosemary said...

Just lovely and you are so for computer problems...I'm right there with you. I had to restore my whatever and now it is worse than before I did that.

Anna said...

I love the split pea idea...I have used that before for decorating. Beautiful flowers!

Bob-kat said...

Those arrangements must have looked amazing in 'real life'. How striking! The limes are such a great idea and I love the votive candle in the vase of split peas. So simple yet so effective!

Michele sent me this time so I thought I would come back and read a post I'd missed!

Dianne said...

It's all beautiful but I really like the candle/vase/split peas.

I'm with brendalove - I'm going to get some fowers for me.

and I'm going to make myself a candle vase.

thanks for the inspiration.

Shephard said...

Very elegant.

JeanMac said...

I love those dramatic centerpieces.The dreid peas were a great idea. Artsy, artsy!Wish I were.

srp said...

These are all gorgeous!!!
I did what you suggested with the roses and sunflowers that Stephen sent me.... Now, almost eleven days later, they look almost as fresh as the day I received them!