Wednesday, August 1

What to Do?

This is the way my hand looked on June 15th. You may recall that I wrote about banging it into a door frame. You can read about it here, if you like. See how the discoloration spread down into my fingers? It also crept up my hand and over my wrist before it began to fade. (Geeesh, I need some lotion, don't I?)

The point of this post is not the hand, however, it is my nails. I need some advice. About a week before this photo, I had gel nails applied over mine, which are puny and thin and break easily and have always done so. I thought they looked pretty good and I liked them until about 10 days ago, when they had grown so long that I could no longer use my cell phone or my land line without using a pencil eraser to press the numbers. They were seriously too long and getting more and more annoying by the moment. I tried to trim them, but that was a disaster, resulting in jagged breakage. So, I went to my salon and had them removed. After that process, they were sore and tender and thinner than ever. Since then, they have broken even more and split up into the nail bed.

What would you do? I am not sure I want more gel applied to them if this is what happens when they come off. What about acrylic nails? Do you have any experience with them? (No, not you, Hoss.)

I have heard that acrylic nails are easier to remove than gels. Do you know if that is true? The only reason I am making a big deal out of this now is that I am going to a school reunion in a week or so, and I hate to go looking like I have been biting my nails all my life. What would you do?
Finally, can you believe it is August already??!!


tiff said...

I have no experience with gel or acrylic, but would wager that if you're experiencing issues that it would be a good idea to NOT put new ones on right now. Too bad, because they do look terrific.

I wonder if there's any kind of treatment you can put on the (tips, maybe) that would give them the length you want without covering the whole nail bed?

Also - when I use "hard as nails" on a regular basis my brittle nails grow out long and almost unbreakable. Just a thought for the future.

Mahala said...

Any artificial nail application is going to cause your natural nails to become thin. Gel, acrylic, silk.. all of them. If you want to strenthen your natural nails and they're damaged, find your nearest Sally's beauty supply and get some good cuticle oil. Keep it near by (I used to keep mine by the computer) and apply it whenever you think of it, massaging it in liberally. It'll work wonders.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So sorry Judy...I have no experience with any of it...So I cannot be helpful here, at all! I wonder if your manicurust has any advice or possible their is some info on the internet that might be helpful.....I hope you can find out what you need to know, my dear!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I wore acrylic nails for years. You'll have the same problems (with the thinning of your natural nails) when they're removed.

If you want to trim artificial nails, you need to file them, not clip them.

Perhaps you could try the Lee Press Ons? They're inexpensive enough if you didn't like them, you could get the gels or others done before the reunion.

The King said...

August, unbelievable. As for nails, I'm not a fan. (Unless someone of the opposite gender is digging them into my back.)

Beverly said...

Sorry...I have no advice to give either. Good luck on deciding. when is your reunion?

Carolyn said...

I'm no help here. Mine are always short from pecking in the yardwork or the recent meds I took, etc. I have noticed they get strong & long fairly quick when I eat a lot of jello. Do you think Mederma could help your bruise?

Tabor said...

I bite my nails and so they look ugly. I do too much gardening and crafts for long nails anyway. I am the only one in my famliy that has this problem--among blood relatives and regular, and I don't care. I have spent time and money on making my nails look nice artificially and I have even gotten them to grow out when work was more peaceful. But going the artificial way is fraut with dangers such as fungus. Repair must be systemic...more calcium and gelatin in your diet and as someone commented more oils. Almond oil is very nice and luxurious and cheaper than nail jobs. (Left you a comment on the Tilapia at my place.)

moon said...

xI have had acrylic nails for yrs...they make my own nails stong and great looking. It is applied by dipping them in a powder..after a liquid coat is thinly applied, then dips the tips in a white powder and the rest of the nail gets a powder that shows clear after she applies another thin layer of liquid. This results in a very nice french manicure...I got back to have it redone every remove the acrylic by putting my hands in a little pot that melts it off my nails completely ..she doesnt file my own nails much at all, just smoothes them off abit before redoing the process...My nails have always been this lets me have my own long nails and making them strong and lovely with no need to put polish ever. french manicure looks classy with everything lol...also, if they grow abit more one month I just use a nail file to shorten abit but clipping isnt good. I used to have ugly thin, broken nails...I have been getting my nails done this way for the past 5 yrs..and they are not worse for wear, they are always well kept, healthy and I get nice comments all the time. I garden, sew, cut hair and cook lol, but the nails always look good! lol

kenju said...

Moon, thanks for the positive comment. I spoke to several people today about fake nails. One was a former nail person at my hair salon. She quit doing them because she didn't like what they do to some people. She was not positive on either gel or acrylics.

I have a good friend who wore acrylic nails for several years,and she got a fungus between the fakes and her nails and eventually lost every nail on her hands, and they didn't grow back. She was going to a good salon at the time, so it wasn't the fault of the nail person, I guess. She was advised to tell people to have the nails removed every 6 months or so, to let their own nails "breathe" for a while.

I think I'll let mine grow for a while (she said that the damaged parts would eventually grow out) and I'll use oils and see what happens. If they look too bad in 10 days, maybe I'll try the press-on nails just for that weekend. Thanks to everyone who commented.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Gee, Judy, most of the nails I have experience with are either galvanized or just plain steel. Don't know about the acrylic ones, but I doubt the gel sort will hold a point or take much of a hammer blow. You might want to check with the ol' pointmeister. His little gravatar keeps pounding nails all day long.


P.S. You wouldn't let HOSS do it, so I had to!

Michele said...

Okay, I know you have plenty of advice here, but I just found two cents lying in my desk drawer, so I am here to spend it...

My mother has had acrylic and/or fake nails for as long as i can recall. They always look great but she has damaged her own nails to the point that they will not grow. And yes, she has dealt with fungus on more than one occasion.

If you want them to look nice for the reunion, simply ask for temporary nail tips.

And you know this but I paid my money: going for or giving yourself regular manicures is the best way to guarantee healthy and good looking natural nails.

Finally, ouch to the boo-boo! Yes, as a matter of fact I have been waiting for the oppourtunity to say "boo-boo." Thanks for providing it.

Kay Dennison said...

I quit biting my nails when I sewparated from my husband 9 yrs. ago. I'm amazed. I'd been biting them since I was a little girl! Funny part is, my nails are really hard! It must have taken a lot of energy to bite them.

I'd go with the press on nails, Judy. They're a good temporary fix. And I wouldn't risk anything else. And I wouldn't go back to that nail tech.

You have to be careful with those people -- some don't use sterile equipment.

rosemary said...

I had acrylics for several years. My nails were weak and fragile before and worse after. I agree with Michele, get tips, forget the full nail stuff and treat yourself to manicures often. You deserve it.

moon said...

I,m glad u have received lot's of advice here...and although own experience with acrylic nails has been nothing but positive in the last 5 yrs, the lady who does mine, also gives coarses with 25 yrs experience..she is the first to admit to so many techniciens not doing a good job...or not being carefull etc. I am very thankful to have a lady who nails me good.....wait, that didn't sound right did it? lol

OldHorsetailSnake said...

How come I am shut out? I know a thang or too about nails? Yessirree.

But this won't work in a week. Sry.

What you do is drink a gob of tomato juice into which you have mixed unflavored gelatin. Every day, for even maybe a month. Will straighten you right out.

Hey! I know. Have them schedule the reunion for Sept. 1.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad you like the Hummingbirds, toio, my dear....I am absolutely hooked on photographing them...And partly it is because this particular phenomenom will end, when ALL the flowers die and who knows when I will see soooo very many Hummingbords ALL the time all day long....! And it is a challange to photograph them...And such fun! There will be more...!

BreadBox said...

I have to say that I suspect that ol' horsehair tail, sounding fraught with wisdom as he does, may be right. Add a gallon of milk a day for the calcium too. Or at least a glass or so more than you've been drinking! Whether it is good for the nails, it's good for you... (ignore the fact that I am now sponsored by the E. Carolina milk board...)

Seriously, though: you are going to a reunion as you: and you may have a few bruises from life (or battered nails) but you are a strong and lovely person who has thrived! Let them see you in all your glory, and give them the satisfaction of an occasional flaw, so that they don't have to hate you!

Thanks for visiting earlier:-)

Nancy said...

Hello Judy,
I really don't know anything about fingernails. I just trim mine with manicure scissors and put on colorless nail polish. Aren't I BORING????
One thing that wasn't boring was "Mrs.Palfrey at The Claremont".Thanks for writing about it. I got it from Netflix as soon as I read your revue and watched it tonight.I LOVED it.
Joan Plowright was superb as usual and Rupert Friend took my heart away.I couldn't take my eyes off of him. What a wonderful actor. I hope he is a big success in the future.
Keep those revues coming,Judy. Seems you and I have the same taste in films.

kenju said...

Nancy, I am so glad to know that you liked Mrs. Palfrey!! Thanks for letting me know.

AC said...

If I showed you my fingernails, you would bar me from offering you a cosmetic opinion. I don't bite them, but that might make them look better!

mar said...

Can't give any advice myself but it has been interesting reading about all those nails I never heard of! maybe it is time to get a manicure... I never had one!

Maria said...

I have always had healthy nails or at least until about a year ago, when they started to have fine lines in them. I have used the oil daily and they are getting better.

When I was teaching, the chalk dust was really hard on my nails and cuticles. I just used more lotion and kept them short.

I am not a fan of color or fake nails. I hate anything that feels unnatural or gets in the way of typing etc.