Thursday, January 29

A Photo Meme + a Quote

Whim tagged me to do a photo meme. You open the fourth folder in your files and publish the fourth photo in that file. My fourth folder contains photos taken on my trip to Charleston, WV last summer. On the way home, I couldn't take my eyes off the brilliant blue skies, dotted with all sizes of puffy clouds, so I snapped this shot while I was stopped at a Shoney's for lunch.

If you are so inclined - do the meme!!


Thank everyone who calls out your faults, your anger, your impatience, your egotism; do this consciously, voluntarily.
Jean Toomer, poet and novelist (1894-1967)


The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
E.E. Cummings, poet (1894-1962)


Old E.E. must have been looking down on us today - as we were definitely mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful. It rained or drizzled all day long. I won't complain though, since many of you are buried knee deep in snow and ice. I'm SO pleased not to be in that!

The doc gave me a good report today, except some of the major components of her diagnosis were missing. I had blood work done last week (at an independent laboratory) and they were supposed to check my cholesterol and other lipids. They left it out of the report. Maybe I should leave out a portion of the bill when I pay it. Wonder how they'd like that?

The grocery is on my list of places to go tomorrow and I am dreading it. Every time I go the prices are higher. Are you finding that true also? We love to eat and since it has become our chief form of entertainment these days, we'd like to be able to do it as economically as possible. A change of habits is in order - a behavior modification I'd call it. I've never been really good at shopping to maximize the outcome, although I do use coupons when I have them. Do you have a really good solution to that?


Hale McKay said...

Oh dang! You mentioned Shoney's and now I'm craving a Big Boy burger and one of those Strawberry pies with whipped cream!

Tell me they still have those Strawberries pies!

I haven't been to Shoney's since - oh boy - 1967!!

Hale McKay said...

Oh, and I mustn't forget those Dixie Tater Chips!

Tabor said...

I am appalled by the changing cost of food. Like you, food is one of our main pleasures these days whether we eat in or out. I have not found the coupon route that helpful.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I was going to try that meme a few weeks ago and I went to my fourth foldeer and my fourth picture and it was sooooo BORING, I thought, NO, I am not going to do!

I wish I knew the answer to the rising food prices....Maybe grow your own Veggies, and raise your own chickens? OY! It's not going to happen here at my house! (lol)

Granny Annie said...

I can't take the challenge because I'm keeping my photo files cleaned out in preparation for emptying my computer and starting over to get this darn virus cleared up.

Meanwhile, I've taken a little photo challenge from Nora at Chez Pez and would love to see you participate in that.

Anonymous said...

If you're so INCLINED! I love the pun. So people number their folders? I have so many, wouldn't know where to start.

Carolyn said...

Pretty shot! I'll go see what I have there. May or may not be post-worthy ;)

Kay Dennison said...

I'll think about that meme.

And the cost of food is insane!!! I am going to ask my Congressman what I'm supposed to do.

Darlene said...

Other than stocking up on the specials I can't offer any advice on cutting the grocery bill. I live alone and still my grocery bill has doubled. I guess we're supposed to starve; that will cut the cost of Social Security and Medicare.

Pat said...

I wonder if Toomey's quote is a sign?
I've had an invitation to participate in an experiment where one answers written questions and the answers plus the writing in one's blog gives them a picture of your personality. It's a university research project. I can't deccide - it seems quite legit.

tiff said...

Re groceries - I only buy meat on sale (like chicken a 99 cents a pound kind of sale), and be SURE to freeze leftovers and stuff. Store brands of as much as we can stomach, blah blah.

Oh, and Sam's club. It's a lifesaver. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

That is a beautiful sky!

I'm glad you got a good report from you doctor. :-)

The price of everything is going up, including gas yet again.

Jamie Dawn said...

Pretty sky photo.

That E.E. Cummings quote is wonderful.
I've been using my newly acquired Von's card to grocery shop while here in CA. I've been focusing in on the weekly specials which has reduced my grocery bill. I've actually changed my menu according to what items are on special. I love to eat too, so the cheaper I can do it, the better.
Try to stay dry if it's still raining when you head out to the store. It's umbrella time!

Mojo said...

Talk about serendipity! Your fourth of the fourth turned out to be a Sky Watch Friday classic! Very cool shot!

JeanMac said...

The prices have stayed higher although gas prices declined. Explanation, please, merchants.