Monday, September 5

Memo to Medical Types

Edit below:

When a patient has a diagnostic procedure, particularly one performed in a hospital, the patient and his or her family will be understandably anxious to learn the results of that testing. Please do not make them wait any longer than absolutely necessary before you give them the information. In my opinion, that should be done as soon as you have the results. And if the results have not arrived - let them know that.

In the midst of all the hullabaloo around here from Hurricane Irene and the damage caused by the falling tree (which I'm sure you are tired of hearing), I had an ultrasound. It was four full days before I got the results, and only then after two phone messages to the office. When the nurse called, she said the doctor finally had time to read the results of the test. I submit that the doctor could have found some time to read the information sent by the hospital in a more timely manner. If it had been her family member, I'm sure she would have gotten the result out sooner.

It doesn't help when the patient has the symptoms of a major problem, or attendant aches and pains. It doesn't help when family members are hounding you to know whether you have received the report yet. And it certainly doesn't help when the patient is already drowning in stress from life in general. is a kindness to let your patients know something in a very timely manner.

Edit:  I should have had sense enough to say that I am fine!  The news was good, and I am grateful - I would have been much more grateful to have heard it sooner!!


Ginnie said...

AMEN, Judy ... I think it's criminal how the Dr's, and often their staff, keep a patient waiting for results. Their stock answer is "if it's bad you'll know right away" but that's hardly a valid excuse. As you say, if it was a member of any of their families you can bet they'd have the answer pronto!
You sure have been through a stressful situation and this is the last thing you need !

Anonymous said...

Kenju--Sorry for you discomfiture. We are all different, I think. I always tell folks that I won't mind waiting for good news, but please give me the bad news ASAP. Just thank your tree for keeping your mind occupied. (Ooooo...that wasn't so funny, was it? Sorry!) You really have had a week!
Cop Car

Millie Garfield said...

Doctors seem to be the same everywhere. They keep you waiting either in the waiting room or waiting for test results.

That's all you need at this stressful time.

Hope when you do hear from the doctor he finds nothing wrong. Maybe whatever your symptoms were, it was just a matter of stress.

That can do a job on the body.

Good luck.

Grannymar said...

Time goes so slowly when you are waiting for news of test results. Here we can wait a couple of weeks for test results unless the news is bad, then we are called immediately.
I do hope that at the end of the wait, your news was good.

Celia said...

So glad you are fine. Very stressful to know you have no answer not just because of slow notifcation but because the results hadn't been read. That would erase the no news is good news platitude. Sigh, wishing you peace in the coming weeks.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Heads up, Judy. I tried to leave a comment here earlier using Chrome browser and it said that your site is known to contain malware. I'm using Safari now and it doesn't give me a warning. Any idea what this is about?

Anyhow, I thought I left a message before, but I'll leave again. I'm glad you are OK and sorry your docs are giving you late reports. Frustrating.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It does seem as if the Medical Profession has become quite calous and lax about understanding the anxiety's of their patients and extended family...! You are so right Judy....Frankly, I find it Cruel & Inhuman....!!! I am very glad you are alright, my dear....But the waiting for information on something like this can make one sick with worry!!! And the doctors and nurses should know that!

BTW: I have a post up that includes a flower that I am hoping you recognize and can tell me the name. Van did not know....If you get a chance, do take a look, my dear.....

Maria from SilverFox said...

Years ago when I had cancer and was waiting results of a test and after days of being told that the tests had not been read yet, my husband John, a Marine sergeant went to the office and announced he would be there until the doctor read the results. John could be a force to reckon with. An hour later, he had the test results in his hand. It shouldn't take this kind of effort to get results.

I am glad that your news was good. You certainly need some after all you have been through.

I am glad that your

Joy Des Jardins said...

Like you needed anymore stress right now. Waiting for medical results is something we've all had to deal with....and hate. So glad everything turned out fine Judy. At least you don't have to add that to your stress right now. I hope things are getting figured out and fixed. Just remember to take a few deep breaths from time to time...thinking of you. ~Joy

Pat said...

I really do sympathise Judy but happy all is well. We have a procedure on Thursday and will mention to the consultant that we'd like the results ASAP.
Meanwhile put your feet up.
Everything can wait!

Arkansas Patti said...

It is maddening Judy and I am so glad it was good news.
I have learned that if it is bad news, they are a lot quicker to let you know so you can start treatment. If I don't hear right away, I quit worrying. Hope someday I am not proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kenju--I failed to mention that I have an outstanding physician. She moved to a town about an hour's drive from here, and I saw her in her new office about two weeks ago. They took my blood for annual blood testing while I was there.

Two days later, I had the printout of all of the blood testing in the mail - with a hand written note from Dr S (she also had addressed the envelope) that everything looked good, that I did not need to add calcium supplements, but that she suggested I start taking 1000 iu D3 vitamins. She is super!

Wish you lived near someone like her!
Cop Car