Monday, July 11

It's Too Darn Hot (a Rant in Several Sections)

The temperature gauge in my car today was 95*, and I heard on the news that the heat index was 101* - and tomorrow, the heat index is going to be 105-110**. I don't know how many days we have been over 90* this summer, but it started early in the spring and hasn't let up for more than 1 or 2 days at a time. Add that to the fact that we need more rain badly, and you know why there is no green grass (except where people have sprinkler systems) and even the trees looked stressed from the unrelenting heat.

I thought I had a dentist appointment today - but after I went there, I found out it is tomorrow. GAH!  I hate when that happens, and I have no one but myself to blame. They usually call me to confirm, but this time they didn't - so maybe I can blame it on them.  lol

Our pool is yellow (again). Mustard algae rears its ugly head once more. Just about the time I get rid of it, we get a rain storm and it dilutes all the chemicals and the algae comes back. I am tired of fighting it and tired of paying for more chemicals!

The plumber made another visit today; I discovered a leak under the kitchen sink. It is in the faucet, so unless he can find a kit to rebuild it, I will have to buy another faucet. It's always something, isn't it? 


Kay Dennison said...

Trouble comes in three and I hope and pray that you have had your share for a while!!!!!

Pat said...

Sounds like you're having a real Monday of a day.

srp said...

We had such a cool spring and it was rainy and colder for a much longer time than usual. I think we are to hit 97 tomorrow and the first day close to 100 this year. We had two inches of rain last week... none so far this week, so I will probably let the well water tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning.

Mom fell again. This time she cracked a bone in her hip but not next to her replaced joint and they don't think she needs surgery, just rehab. She is in the hospital and will go to the rehab nursing home sometime this week. It IS always something.

Betty said...

It was 100 here and will be again tomorrow an at least in the high 90's the rest of the week, just like last week. I hate summer!

Maybe your dentist was planning to call today and remind you that you had an appointment tomorrow. Imagine their surprise when you showed up today! lol

Granny Annie said...

It seems that every time I read one of your "mechanical problems" posts I end up with some of the same. If I do, you know it will be all your fault.

Our actual temp is 104 and heat index 110. I am miserable even inside with the air-conditioning. It is only July and August is usually our hot month. Maybe August will be cool this year. If it turns out to be the hot month, we are doomed and so are my poor animals. The goats drink all their water and all the chickens water and all the dog's water. Yikes!

Ginnie said...

This is so strange, Judy. I live just about an hour South of you, as you know, but we've had so much rain that my grass has to be mown twice as much as usual at this time of the year.
As to the heat ... UGH !!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You can find a really great new faucet for .... not an astronomical amount of $$.

With all that heat, I'd clean the pool and then spend the day in there! :-)

robin andrea said...

We had temps in the 90s for a week. No humidity here, so it does make things a bit easier to handle. I hope there is a cooling trend soon. And best of luck with the rest.

Arkansas Patti said...

Enjoy those 90's. We are there by
9AM. Yesterday it was 107 actual temp and it is all ready 105. Did I make a wrong turn and end up in Arizona?
Just thank goodness for A/C. How awful in this heat that your can't use the pool. Rats. Hope that gets fixed.
Keep cool.

Sparkling Red said...

Yellow swimming pool! Eeeewwwww gross! ;-)

I agree that it is too hot, even though I'm sure it's less hot in Toronto than where you are. It's still too hot for me!

And yes, plumbing is so like that. It's like throwing money down the drain. ;-)

oklhdan said...

110 here over the weekend. The heat is awful and our grass looks dead! Stay cool!

Darlene said...

You make me glad I sold my house with a pool. If it wasn't mustard algae it was black algae. Once it gets in the pool it seems like it is impossible to eliminate permanently.

I got a beautiful inexpensive faucet on the internet, but the installation cost more than the faucet . I hope you have better luck.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Lordy! That kind of heat is so debilitating, Judy....I hope you get some relief from this....And indeed, it IS always something !! I hope your Plumber can find the parts needed for that sink....New Fixtures can be so damn expensive...!
I wonder if the Algae is worse because of the extreme heat/humidity? Whatever it is...It is awful!

I wonder if I can send you one of those cakes, Judy...(LOL)...I am going to find out! We may have to wait till it isn't so HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hot weather isn't all that pleasant, is it? Yesterday was our 20th day of triple-digit temperatures (I don't pay attention to heat index, so don't know what it has been) so far this season - 111 degrees a couple of days ago. It is supposed to be the same for another week at least. In "normal" years, we can expect to hit triple digits perhaps 15-16 times during a whole summer. Fortunately, we've had a bit of rain last night (1/3 inch) and a wee bit this morning.

As our house was being built, a next-door neighbor had a pool put in his back yard - while they could run the trucks in through what would become our back yard. The pool probably averaged one or two uses each summer. Now he is (by himself) breaking up the pool.

This guy is too lazy to take care of his yard (I constantly fight incursion by his weeds and plants) and was obviously too lazy to take care of the pool. (He is probably taking out the pool, himself, because he knows that he's been too lousy a neighbor to gain permission for heavy equipment to move through our yard, again.)

Good luck in getting all of your maintenance issues taken care of. They can be a royal pain!
Cop Car

Nance said...

This heat and drought makes everything look like crap even at the beach. It's hard on our bodies, too, even if we stay in air conditioning all day. Whoever thought we Carolinians would reside in the neo-tropics?!

Some days, I just have to give it up, watch a movie for escape, and hope for a better tomorrow. That's happening a lot lately, though.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

So far we are having a mild and pleasant summer, but having been in your neck of the woods in summer, I know you get the temp and the whammy of the humidity.

Yes, it is always something. I had the plumber out yesterday to put in a new flushing kit in my toilet and now he's recommending a new toilet.

Hang in there, Judy.

db grin said...

If you need a 2nd opinion or some work done, call me! I can be there tomorrow.

Biff Spiffy said...

If you need a 2nd opinion, call me! I can be there tomorrow.