Tuesday, April 5

Points to Ponder...

Top 50 Oxymorons:

       50. Act naturally
            49. Found missing
            48. Resident alien
            47. Advanced BASIC
            46. Genuine imitation
            45. Airline Food
            44. Good grief
            43. Same difference
            42. Almost exactly
            41. Government organization
            40. Sanitary landfill
            39. Alone together
            38. Legally drunk
            37. Silent scream
            36. British fashion
            35. Living dead
            34. Small crowd
            33. Business ethics
            32. Soft rock
            31. Butt Head
            30. Military Intelligence
            29. Software documentation
            28. New York culture
            27. New classic
            26. Sweet sorrow
            25. Childproof
            24. "Now, then..."
            23. Synthetic natural gas
            22. Christian Scientists
            21. Passive aggression
            20. Taped live
            19. Clearly misunderstood
            18. Peace force
            17. Extinct Life
            16. Temporary tax increase
            15. Computer jock
            14. Plastic glasses
            13. Terribly pleased
            12. Computer security
            11. Political science
            10. Tight slacks
            09. Definite maybe
            08. Pretty ugly
            07. Twelve-ounce pound cake
            06. Diet ice cream
            05. Rap music
            04. Working vacation
            03. Exact estimate
            02. Religious tolerance

And the Number one top Oxy-Moron:

            01. Microsoft Works


Kay Dennison said...


Another is 'artificial intelligence'

I use certain politicians and their followers as examples of it.

grannymar said...

01. Microsoft Works - Sometimes! Ha Ha!

Looking to the Stars said...

I Loved them all but #1 has to be my fav,lol :)

Pat said...

Excellent! the only one I would query is 28 which remembering the museums I visited way back - seems a bit harsh.

Ginnie said...

I've always loved these and my favorite is "exact estimates".

Olga said...

Yes, and as soon as I hit the comment button, I got the message:"Whoops! Something happened..."

Arkansas Patti said...

I have been guilty of too many of those. Seeing them like that makes one realize how contrary the statements are.
#1 cracked me up also.

srp said...

How about baby talk..... since they can't.
These are too funny and too true.