Tuesday, November 30

Another Blast from the Past

Here is another post you may enjoy, about a wedding in Greenwich, Connecticut and it will point you to another one.

We're working hard everyday; decorating for Christmas.....photos soon.


Granny Annie said...

Thanks for sharing these great re-posts. I am amazed that you young and foolish guys survived the wedding trip and seeing Mr. Kenju on the bridge in the ice trying to close the trunk and retrieve his hat was just too much.

Arkansas Patti said...

How awful of me. Was I worrying about Mr. Kenju being blown off the bridge, no, I was dismayed that the cute bug had a damaged hood. Bad Patti. Weren't those bugs awesome?
Love reruns and try not to work too hard.

Pat said...

When one thinks of what one could cope with when one was younger one realises how age creeps up on one.
Sorry about all the one-ness. Must be the influence of the Royal Wedding;)