Wednesday, October 27

Tuesday at the Flower Shuttle + Broken Glass

There were lots of pretty flowers on Tuesday; the remainders of many weddings and unsold bunches from groceries, etc. The arrangement above consists of roses, purple lisianthus and green/blue hydrangea.

This one has roses, carnations, pale yellow lisianthus and the name of the purple flower escapes me at the moment (just as many things do, nowadays!)

This one was really fun! A mug with polka-dot lavender hearts and circles; so I used red roses, pale lavender mums, myrtle and lily grass.

Life is very busy. Dentist's and doctor's appointments for both of us, physical therapy for mr. kenju, my birthday to celebrate, book club,  and many weddings in October (thank Heavens!) The weather has been quixotic; hot and sunny one day, cloudy and rainy the next and then a mixture of the two. I still have roses hanging on for dear life, petunias blooming and a geranium that thinks it is June instead of October and is ready to burst into bloom again. The lantana is still producing flowers as well. I suspect they will get a rude awakening someday soon, when it turns cold and the first frost appears. It can't be far away.

We got a rude awakening yesterday around 4pm, when it started raining buckets-ful and a freaky gust of wind turned over our deck umbrella, taking along with it the glass-topped table we've had for almost 30 years.  
The table has broken twice before, and since we had chairs and a chaise lounge to match, we had the glass replaced (at a heavy cost.) This time, I am putting the kibosh on that!!  I have vowed we will have a wooden top made and paint it to match the table - or I'll buy a new table and stay away from glass in any form!! It's always something, isn't it?  Posted by Picasa 


Kay Dennison said...

What a wonderful thing the flower shuttle is!!! I wonder how that would go over here.

I have a glass-topped coffee table and thought of it breaking horrifies me.

Gilly said...

I love that arrangement in the polka dot mug! And the one above it - they are really lovely.

The weather turned here last week, and we had hard frosts and a cold north wind. But, in the manner of UK weather, it has turned (comparatively) mild again, and the sun is out! They forecast a high of 14C today, can't translate that into F temps, buts its mild for the time of year!

We've also had torrential rain, which comes along with the mild weather!

Ah, well, can't have everything!

Scarlet said...

That arrangement in the mug is beautiful and creative!!! I love it!!!

Sorry to hear about your table... maybe it's time to invest in a nice wooden outdoor set.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oops, I see the storm we had reached you. Those winds were quite impressive. So sorry your table was a victim.
My flowers are also blooming like it is spring. This mild weather has all the plants confused but I am enjoying it.

Olga said...

As always, the flower shuttle pictures are delightful. I just love that idea.
I am not allowed near glass furniture. I have but to look at it and it breaks somehow.
Enjoy your business and your birthday.

srp said...

Or else invest in a heavier table top. The one Stephen got is a really heavy stone and it takes two of us to move it any distance. The winds that took down my bird feeder system and blew off the hot tub lid did nothing to it. I have taken the umbrella down, probably need to go ahead and clean it up a little and put it inside for the winter. We apparently had some of that rain but I slept through it this time.

Celia said...

Beautiful flowers, mood enhancing even in pictures. Big wind came up here in SE Washington and blew the fabric gazebo into a corner behind a tree. That shouldn't have been a surprise it happened last year with the old one.

Sparkling Red said...

Lovely flowers! At this time of year, I cherish every last bloom, indoors and out.

Grannymar said...

If the arrangements were prizes I'd pick the polka dot mug!

Sorry about your glass table, time for a c hange.

amarkonmywall said...

I love the Flower Shuttle posts- your arrangements have got to be an incredible boost and real delight to everyone who receives one. They are lovely, Judy.

Joy Des Jardins said...

How I love these flower arrangements Judy....the roses in particular are stunning. Did I read someone was having a birthday? Whenever it is....Happy Birthday sweetie and I hope it's wonderful. Hug, Joy

Pat said...

Good luck with the MOT's.
Motor check ups - common parlance for human check ups:)

Sibel said...

What a beautiful arrangements I love them all. I would have plants and flower sent to myself every week :)