Thursday, October 28

Flora and Fauna

One of Mel's many weddings last week took place in Duke University Gardens, under the pergola. Those photos will be seen here eventually, but today I wanted to show the gorgeous roses which are still in full bloom here at the end of October. I don't know the varieties; I didn't see any labels or plaques (although they might have been there.) We were in a hurry to leave and deliver the reception when I snapped these in passing.

I don't know what they use to combat bugs, but I didn't see a hole or a damaged leaf anywhere.

And every specimen was fit for "the book of bests" in every category! This one was as big as a coffee cup.


Now for the fauna:

On Tuesday, after I went to the Flower Shuttle, I went to visit my next door neighbor who is recovering from hip surgery at the rehab hospital. A gentleman stopped outside her door with this gorgeous creature in tow, and we invited him in. Rueger has been a therapy dog for about six months. His owner, Bob, was in the rehab with back problems and while he was there, his wife brought six-year-old Rueger in to see him. He said it made him feel so much better, that he hatched a plan to make visits to hospitals and rehabs with Rueger. He goes to two local hospitals and the rehab one day (each)  per week. Bob is retired, and he enjoys visiting with the patients and allowing them to pet Rueger.

I have seldom seen a calmer, more serene dog. When I snapped this photo, he had been sitting on my friend's bed for 20 minutes and he lay down on her legs and stayed there for at least another 10 minutes, while we talked. He submitted to multiple people petting him and never showed any concern or impatience with us. It is as if he knows how much good he is doing. Bob said he always tells people that if they don't give him a big smile, he won't come back. I doubt that anyone could look at Rueger and not smile.
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Pat said...

Dogs like that are known to lower blood pressure.
Those are truly beautiful roses.

Anonymous said...

I like the dog visit. The last time I was in the hospital, a lady brought her large dog in my room and visited. I so enjoyed it.

Arkansas Patti said...

Therapy dogs and their owners are truely selfless gifts. When my stepmom was recovering from a broken hip, there were 2 giant poodles that came regularly to visit the patients. She was not even an animal lover but was so perked up by the visits.
Like you said, you can't help but smile and that is good medicine.

srp said...

I took Daisy to the rehab area when Mom had her hip done and it was the same. She is so calm and just seems to know who needs a doggy hug. Several of the other residents took advantage of her visit as well.

If you do find out what they use... on the roses.. let me know! I am learning how to grow them and while mine did well for their first year... I'd like them to do better next year.

Mildred Garfield said...

When I was in rehab after my surgery a gentleman came by to visit with his dog. He does this on a regular basis.

That visit did bring a smile to my face.

Interesting, looks like this "pet visit" happens all over the country!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL, Jufy...My Lordf! To still be blooming in late Ovtober and to be so perfect, too....! Incredible.

And I LOVE that doggie. So sweet! I know what a comfort Sweetie is to me and I would imagine this dear doggie is a great comfort to all those he visits. A lovely thing to do. Bless Bob!

Ginnie said...

I have a young (well, young next to me!) friend who has a trained therapy dog...a boxer...and she takes him in twice a week to our local hospital rehab.
She says it's amazing how playful Jake is when he's outside and how he changes the minute he gets in the rehab doors.
Beautiful photos Judy.

Tabor said...

Dogs have been known to calm the heart rate of people...good for healing. My roses also are blooming nicely still...but our first frost may be only weeks away.

Chancy said...

What a great idea. A Therapy Dog. I know my doggie, Buddy, must lower my blood pressure when he sits by me and I pet him and he looks at me adoringly. ;)