Thursday, October 7

Signs of the Times

I saw this sign on the marquee of a veterinarian's office today:

"Goldfish have a three second memory span"

I wonder how they know that is all a goldfish remembers? 


Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post with either advice or sympathy. Both are appreciated. Mr. kenju has done remarkably well for someone who had a stroke of the type he had. His short term memory suffers, and he is touchy and sometimes beligerant - but that is not a lot different than to how he was before the  (at least from my point of view.) He was depressed for quite a while, but that seems to have abated.

He has been dependent on me to take him everywhere he needs to go (for three years), except for the friends who pick him up for lunch or take him to the health club. The men who volunteered for that duty were extremely helpful just after his stroke, but as the months went by, they, and their offers thinned out considerably. I don't fault them for that - most of them were more than considerate and very attentive. But I'm sure they didn't want to take mr. kenju on as a lifetime project, and don't want to be burdened.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that I am still working part-time - and LORD knows I don't want to (and won't) stop!! But that presents us with a knotty situation when mr. kenju needs to go to therapy (and can't find a driver) or would like to go out and I'm not here. He gets frustrated and short-tempered, and I can certainly understand why. From here to the end of the year, it will only get worse for him - but better for me - since my schedule will fill up with work and social events.

We are too far from the bus lines and no taxi driver would want to come out here (12 miles)  from the city center, only to take him no more than two or three miles. There might be times a taxi would be a good solution, but the trip would have to be much further away to convince the driver it is a fare worth his time. I'm not trying to be negative - I'm just playing the devil's advocate.


About the photo problem: I deleted a lot of photos today from my Picasa Web Albums, so that will give me some space. I have enjoyed using Picasa, but from now on, I will use some of the other services that have been recommended to me - because they are free. I really am too tight with a dollar to pay for more storage space - no matter how good Picasa is.


LL Cool Joe said...

Good luck with the photos, I definitely do not want to pay either, as I have quite a few blogs and I'm very picture heavy as well. I definitely recommended you try Imageshack, I've used it for years. As I say just copy and paste the html into your post. I also use them when I list stuff on Ebay.

I can understand your dilemma with your husband too, it must be tough for him always relying on other people for lifts etc, but I understand that you need to work.

Granny Annie said...

Scientists take a goldfish 1 1/2 seconds away from home and it returns to its home in 1 1/2 seconds but if they take it away from home 2 seconds it gets lost just 1/2 second from home.

You guys have certainly got a dilemma about transporting Mr. Kenju. You sound so stoic about it. I would be a total basket case.

Star said...

Here in Philly there is a bus service for seniors and people with disabilities. I think it is run by our local bus service company (Septa) but i am not sure about that.You scheduled pick up times for coming and going. There is a fee but it is less than a taxi would be. The drivers help passengers board and load packages for them. The busses are small, like maybe 12 passengers max.Some or possibly all buses have lifts and ramps for wheelchairs. Maybe there is something like that in your area. People come to the supermarket that way all the time.

Arkansas Patti said...

Check the papers for ads where people offer to drive seniors to Dr. appts, etc. for gas money only. These are newly retired darlings just looking to be useful.
I live 10 miles from a tiny town and can get this service.
Also the senior center offers the same service but you have to schedule you appts so that they coinside with others. They have a van and only take groups out at a time.
Like I said before, this is a tough problem. Good luck

Mar said...

I was also going to suggest to look in the paper for people willing to offer such service. Maybe college students too? good luck. Glad you are keeping your part-time job, it's good for you!!
If you delete pictures from your Picasa album, do they still appear on your blog?

srp said...

I saw that the Picasa Web Album storage was $5 a year for 20GB. That really is very reasonable and you would never fill it up.

As for the rides... I wonder if they have any senior ride services there. For occasional outings that might be something to look into.

Celia said...

Absolutely hang on to your job. My daughter in law works two days a week as a dental hygenist and she has six kids. It's not just money, its the chance to talk to other people and enjoy the relationships you build at work. You must take care of yourself to care for someone else but you knew that already. I've applied for a part-time job in our small farm town with a business provides non-medical caregiving such as driving people to appointments etc. This company verifies my license, insurance, no accidents, no tickets, maybe there's something like that near you.

Bob-kat said...

Actually goldfish remember some things for much longer as they learn to recognise their owners (true!).

I am sorry to hear about your dilemma. I would be as upset as Mr Kenju about it and probably as tetchy too. You've probably considered this but are there any clubs that operate a pick-up service that he might like to go to. We have those type of things here sometimes and thought you might have something similar? I hope you both fund a way to give him back some freedom. It must be very difficult for both of you.

tiff said...

There might well be a driving service where you are - the local paper might have something like that advertised.

I'm constantly amazed by what's still in bloom around here in October. It's wonderful.

Tabor said...

I have been downsizing my photos because of this very reason. I have been afraid I would fill up the beast. I do not mind Blogger's limits because they are providing this service for free. But if you can load from others, maybe I will use another service.

Tabor said...

I also wanted to comment on the transport. The community senior citizen center may be able to help and your public library should be able to do some research for you on county or state services.

Looking to the Stars said...

My short term memory is bad but my long term memory is excellant. So, you can tell me something now and a year from now I'll quote you word for word, LOL.

Sounds like you are handling everything very well. I feel for your hubby, part of his freedom is gone and he has to depend on you & others to do things that he never gave a second thought to, he just did them. I feel for both of you.

take care :)

Ginnie said...

Judy, I'm so sorry that Mr. Kenju is having all these problems. I remember with fondness when you and he came to visit with me and my friend Bud.
Have you thought about hiring a driver? In this economy I've found (in our area anyway) that there are people who don't charge too much for the privilege to get a small job like this.