Wednesday, July 28

A Rose by Any Other Name......

Sometimes my camera gets fogged up and the resultant photos look all misty and romantic. That's fine for roses, but when I am trying to catch a good photo (in a hurry) of a flitting butterfly, it doesn't help for the lens to get cloudy. That's what happens when you take your camera outside when the temperature (100*) and the humidity levels match! Not to belabor a point, but that has happened here at least three days out of the last six. Not so today, thank Heavens!!

It's a rainy, cooler day in Raleigh and I would be the last one to complain. Our formerly green grass is now completely brown. The only things still green around here are weeds  in the woods, where they don't get bright sunlight and it stays cooler.The few plants I have are in pots and they have required watering at least twice a day, if not more.

For some odd reason, rainy days lead to working on my taxes. We file  with a late extension, and so our 2009 taxes are now in the works. I hate doing them - does anyone like it? Just gathering the information for the CPA is a pain in the tush.  I can't wait for the 2010 taxes; it will be the first year out of the last 27 or so  that I haven't owned a business. Business taxes are horrible, you know? Not having to keep track of those expenses has been great since last November, when I closed Tickle Your Fancy, and not having to pay sales taxes is great too. I always resented paying those - even though that money was not mine - LOL.

Okay, I've played around here too long - have to get back to work!

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