Thursday, June 3

?? Questions??

2. Why did mr. kenju lose his wallet here Tuesday night? What a sinking feeling; knowing you've lost all your credit cards, insurance cards, driver's license, etc., not to mention cash. The answer: it was instant karma, because he took me to task quite strongly while I was driving him there, because I took a wrong turn. There's an old saying....."God will get you for that...." - and He did. LOL

Update: wallet found!! I made the bed this morning and a bit later, standing in the hallway looking back into the bedroom, I saw it - just under the edge of the bed. Crisis averted and he owes me bigtime!! Now, all the calls he made to credit card companies, etc., have to be re-made and rescinded.

3. Why can't people who disagree with you on politics just keep their mouths shut? I don't mean on blog posts, where they have a perfect right to express themselves. I am referring to email and face-to-face conversations. I've had two more emails recently from the guy I told you about before (whom I knew in high school). He is so anti-Obama and all other current officials and he can't seem to keep a lid on his hatred. He would be the last to admit that much of his abhorrence stems from racism, but I know that is the root of it. I should just delete them, and from now on I promise I will, but on Sunday I fired off yet another missive (which I am sure will fall on deaf ears - just as his email did with me.)
Update: He answered; saying he knew it was pointless to try to argue with a fool. I replied the same. That will be it - I know I will not answer any more.

4. Why can't people simply learn to be considerate of one another? I recently gathered up a bunch of letters, photos and memorabilia that my mom and dad saved from the 1950's, concerning a fraternal organization to which they both belonged. I mailed them to a woman in that same group, who had told me that their centennial was coming up this summer, and that ephemera from the past would be great for them to have during their festivities. It cost less than $10 to send it, but I did want to know that she had received it. After five days, I had heard nothing from her - so I sent an email asking about it. She wrote back that it did indeed arrive and she was looking forward to sharing it with her fellow members. Would it have been so hard for her to let me know that without having to ask?

Surely she knew I was interested in knowing it had arrived - I know she did - because I put a note in it saying as much. I was really put out that I had to ask. I didn't need an elaborate thank you, just confirmation. This goes hand in hand with my recent rant on people who do not RSVP to invitations. Pooh on all of them!

5. What's YOUR question? Tell us in the comments, please.


Gilly said...

Oh I so agree with the political one!!! My sister is just about as opposite as she could be when it comes to politics! I am going to stay with her in a couple of weeks, and I am going to say "NO POLITICS OR IMMIGRATION TO BE DISCUSSED" !

2. I wish men would stop thinking they can drive better than any woman, and think they should give unhelpful remarks as and when they feel like it when I am driving!! I am in charge of the car and I will drive as I think, and if it isn't as aggressively as you would, then so what!

3. I don't quite know how to write the next one without being very rude, but it involves men not being able to find things when they are either where they should be all along, or have moved very slightly to left or right!!!

Granny Annie said...

Judy, you know that I disagree with much of Obama's administration but I am not a racist. I agree with some liberal views and some conservative views. I must say the most hurtful thing is being labeled racist. Those who know me know my history,my ancestry, and my solid belief in all human rights.

People should not hammer at one another over any of this. We have a voice at the voting booth and that is the blessing of freedom.

You've got bigger problems anyway with Mr. Kenju first blaming your for the loss of his jacket and now his wallet. I believe it is time for an intervention.

Arkansas Patti said...

Don't have a question but do have raciest "aquaintences" like you (we can't call them friends can we.)
I ask them to take me off their lists and put a block on their e-mails. One recent one was a man I had worked with for nineteen years and had no idea of his "hatred." So sad.

tiff said...

My question is this: why does time seem to DRAG when you're doing something your don't care for but fly on by when you're engaged in something enjoyable? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Nancy said...

Just before the Memorial Day holiday I was shopping in my local supermarket for the big cookout.

I was pushing one full cart and pulling another almost full cart. I stopped to think a minute about what else I needed and the manager walked over and said,"Do you have a question?"

I said, "Yes, I have a question. Why is it always at my house?"

oklhdan said...

Men and their stuff! I always wondered who died and left me in charge of finding their socks or their keys or....

I have a few friends (acquaintances) like the one you mentioned. I've learned where the delete button is too.

and when did people stop sending Thank You Notes? I sent two graduation gifts to two lovely young ladies and have never received so much as a howdy do. I wonder if parents aren't teaching their children about courtesy.

Linda said...

My brother-in-law no longer speaks to me because I directed all his e-mails to trash because he wouldn't quit sending anti-Obama emails.

I feel like people who send those kind of emails are invading my private space. At least on a blog they have to go looking for it. With email it comes against my wishes, invades my privacy, rapes the pleasures I get from using email for its intended purpose.

robin andrea said...

I don't have a question, but I do like your list.

Grannymar said...

Would you like to answer a few more questions? Details will be in my Blog Post on Saturday!

Pat said...

Some people are polite, kind, thoughtful, courteous and imaginative and some people - like your acquaintance - aren't. My question - why aren't there more of the former?

rosemary said...

I have just delete the emails I get from people like your former friend. I actually looked up how to "de-friend" someone on FB because every single day she posted something ignorant politically. As for that person letting you know she got your mailing.....shame on her. Steve has started putting his wallet into my handbag when we go somewhere...he says it is too heavy and makes his shorts fall down....I told him he would be right in style if he was 14.

Star said...

I never did like fish.
My Mom was not one for giving advice, but she did tell me that men only get married so they have someone to blame things on. Wise woman.