Thursday, June 17

A Letter to Sears Appliance Department

SEARS at Crabtree Valley in Raleigh, NC - I'm talking to you! Listen up!

On June 1st, we bought a set of wall ovens, and they were to be installed on Monday, June 14th. The installer didn't show up and didn't call. I was given another installer, who called on Tuesday, June 15th and set the installation for Thursday, June 17th. Guess what? He didn't show up and neither did he call.

So at 2pm that day, I called the number for installation questions, and was told by a woman that my installer could get to it next week - maybe. When I asked to speak to the manager, I was put on hold - where I languished for ten minutes until I hung up in disgust.

Next, I called the store appliance department. My salesman was taking a break, so I had to leave my number. He did call back within 20 minutes, and he agreed with me that I had been jerked around long enough. He promised to try and find another installer for us and said he would call back sometime this afternoon.

About 10 minutes later, another installer called and promised to do it on Monday, June 21. I was about one second from canceling the entire order, and I can promise you that if this installer doesn't arrive on Monday, I will cancel the order for the ovens and I will go elsewhere to obtain a new cook top as well.

We own a washer and dryer, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a garage-door opener and an exhaust fan from Sears, but they might be the very last appliances we buy from Sears. We're happy with the appliances, but your installers stink in the consideration department.

If you are going to run big sales resulting in a glut in the installation department, you should hire additional (and competent) installers to handle the work load, instead of allowing your representatives to set appointments and blow them off without even calling to explain.

I'm hoping that Sears, like many other companies, has Google alerts to inform them of a mention of their name. Maybe I can get some action this way - if no other. And unlike that little girl in the upper left hand corner - I'M NOT FINE AT ALL!


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

We've been waiting for FIVE WEEKS for the tractor repair people to come and get our big tractor. There is nobody else in this area who does these repairs, so they can treat people pretty much any way they feel like.

In the meantime, the yard needs to be harvested and baled. Sigh. So I hear ya, sister.

P.S. Sears still calls us constantly, begging us to buy a service contract for a refrigerator we decided not to buy over ten years ago.

robin andrea said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time getting this done. Seems like it should be such a simple thing. When we bought our new gas stove at Lowe's, we learned that they contract out their delivery and installation. We did get our stove on the day it was promised, but it was six hours late. And, the two guys who delivered it did not look like they could have installed it competently at all. Fortunately, Roger was planning on doing the installation himself.

Beverly said...

I had the best guy ever deliver and hook up my refrigerator and washer from Sears in January. I wish I could send him your way. He was a local independent contractor...the best.

I wouldn't blame you a bit for refusing the products and going elsewhere.

Nancy said...

You know how rich people name their mansions Twelve Oaks, Rivercrest or Maple Glen? Well, in our house we have so many appliances from SEARS we call our place KENMORE.....

srp said...

Our Sears has done well... although all we have gotten from them is the fridge. Hope they get it in for you this time.

Buzzardbilly said...

Holy crap, I thought the construction folks who contract with Lowe's were bad! (And, yes, we had one install with Lowe's for windows and it cost me $5,000 to fix the things the installers messed up, including not caulking at all around the basement windows that left my house somewhat like they Amityville Horror for weeks until I found the source of fly entry, and we will NEVER use them again.)

If Sears doesn't ante up, don't forget to put their installation problems on Angie's List :)

Maria said...

Good for you Judy. I don't know if you remember I complained about 1-800-Flowers and got numerous calls from them after I wrote in my blog about their awful service'

You probably don't remember, but you gave me the best advice in your comment and I have followed it successfully ever since. It was to call a local florist in whatevr town I wanted the flowers
to go.

Your advice has intrduced me to some of the nicest people in the florist business in at least three states.

I hope your complaining pays off.

kenju said...

Thanks, Maria. I DO remember that post and I remember giving that advice. I am so happy to know that you have gotten a benefit from it.

Pat said...

What a blot on their reputation!
Let's hope it filters through to them and they can pull their socks up.

Arkansas Patti said...

Gee and we are in an recession where people are looking for work???
I do hope Sears is monitoring. Customer service should be top of the list in a weak economy.
Let us know what happens.

Grannymar said...

Judy, I feel your pain. I hate waiting and wondering if people will actually turn up. Nowadays in NI, we are giving the option of a morning or an afternoon call. At least it is tied into a two or three hour time-scale. Most of the time it works.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago:
We had Sears deliver a new washer and gas dryer. They appeared on time, installed and left.
Smelled gas, called Sears.
Repairman on phone who suggested turning off gas, made an appointment to return.
Repairman came out,ordered a part, said it would take two weeks for part to arrive, assured homeowner dryer was OK to use, turned on gas and left.
Smelled gas.
Called gas company, immediate response. Tagged problem, improper installation, shut off gas with instructions not to use until proper valve installed.
Called reliable contractor who properly installed gas to dryer.
Cost: $95.
Washer worked fine for a couple of years then malfunctioned.
Called Sears after having researched on internet and discovered there was a recall, and free fix issued.
Repairman came out, replaced recalled part, tried, hard, to sell extended warranty, reminded homeowner how expensive this call to repair washer would have cost.
Did not buy extended warranty.
Repairman did not get more than a mile from the house before replaced part malfunctioned.
Did NOT call Sears.

Anonymous said...

Do you know ? It's a website associated with Consumer Reports. The link has contact information. They will give your complaint plenty of publicity and also offer some ideas on how to get something done when a company is giving you the run around. May be able to find contact informtion for Sears executives. Executives will sometimes take care of a problem that no one else in the company seems to care about.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Every once in a while you just run into a bad situation with customer service and/or installation people....and you were the lucky one this time Judy. That just should never happen. I swear sometimes it's just a crapshoot...but I don't blame you for losing it. It's very frustrating being left hanging...twice. Sears has been around FOREVER...they should make this good with you SOMEHOW. They can't be so smug that they can afford to lose good least I hope they aren't. Good luck sweetie. ~Joy

trinamick said...

My uncle gets so worked up when people don't show up at the scheduled time. When I worked for him and we were supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, we were there 15 min early. Showing up on time meant you were already late.

Star said...

Many years ago, my washer broke. We went to Sears and picked out a washer. They said two weeks to deliver. I had three small kids. Two weeks meant at least one trip to a laundromat. We went up the road to Best Buy. Same washer, same price, next day delivery. We never went back to Sears.