Thursday, June 17


My favorite new kitchen hand soap!! I bought this at TJMaxx; it has the most delightful fragrance - so clean and fresh! $4.99 for a huge bottle.


Mr. kenju indicated recently that he'd appreciate some new recipes served from my kitchen, so tonight I made green chicken enchiladas, from a recipe I found on the web. I served them with corn on the cob and Mexican rice. It was okay, but I'm not jumping through hoops about it. (I don't think he was Better luck next time - is what I'm saying.


In early June we ordered a new set of wall ovens. We were limited to a very few choices, because our current ovens are only 24" wide, and nothing else would fit without extensive renovation to the cabinets - something I was devoutly avoiding. As much as I might like a whole new kitchen, it isn't going to happen. So we ordered the new set, and they were supposed to be installed on Monday. The guy didn't show up and didn't call. After many calls to the store we were assigned a new installer. I got rescheduled for Tues - and then the new guy called to change from Tuesday to Wednesday and then to Thursday. At one point I was ready to tell them to stick the new ovens where the sun don't shine - but that would be counter-productive - so I'm trying to be patient. We hope that by the time some of you read this on Thursday, we will be well into the installation process. Wish us luck, won't you?

Oh, and pray that we don't have any electrical issues either.


Pat said...

The soap sounds great. I've recently been converted to liquid soap - not so MTL. We're very backward here.
I hope the ovens are safely installed and your blood pressure hasn't been caused to rise.

Grannymar said...

Fingers crossed for trouble free installation.

Tabor said...

And we are still in a recession? My (former) hairdresser slept in twice for my hair appointment! No service no pay.

srp said...

I have some rosemary and mint shampoo.... love it!
I know what you mean about waiting for workers... our never ending saga with the security system. I've been having a yellow triangle show up and pressing the appropriate buttons indicates it is a low battery somewhere. It was intermittent and the guy finally came, but during one of those times the light was off. So while we thought we found the loose battery and things were fine... they weren't. Then the light came on for four days and I thought it would stay on. He was to come Tuesday morning to find the problem but didn't.. and now the yellow triangle is gone again. I just hope we can figure this out before Stephen gets here.

Gladys said...

Hi Judy,
Have been enjoying your blog for years but this is my first comment: Perhaps Mr. Kenju would like to prepare a new recipe HIMSELF or, at the very least, find new recipes for you to try. Just a suggestion. Gladys

Nancy said...

I am headed to TJMaxx as fast as I can to get that soap. Sounds great.

I love Gladys' suggestion about Mr K taking on some of the recipe and cooking duties.

We were having a picnic once and I offered to make the deviled eggs. My brother piped up and said,"You won't get the yellow all over the egg whites,will you?"

I answered."I would try not to but, just to be certain that doesn't happen,I suggest that YOU make the eggs."

SILENCE from him and I never had a complaint about the eggs since.

robin andrea said...

Hope by the time this comment posts, the oven is installed. Good luck!

kenju said...

Gladys, welcome to the comments. Thanks for being a long-time reader; now I hope you will become a frequent

Nancy, I hope you find the soap.

And BTW, mr. kenju can boil eggs and that is the extent of his ability in the kitchen. We would starve if he was responsible for dinner!

tiff said...

Like you don't have anything better to do than wait on installers. Yeesh!

sage said...

2 days, 2 weeks, don't talk to me about waiting for construction folk!!! Good luck with your ovens and if you strangle one of the workmen, at least you'll be able to wash your hands of it in some nice soap. :)

kenju said...

They aren't coming today either. I'm about ready to crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head and stay there.

LL Cool Joe said...

Well done from trying a new recipe.

Nothing worse than waiting for something to be installed. I was very impressed with "Best Buy"s service when we were last in the States. We ordered a washing machine and tumble dryer and both were delivered and installed 2 days later at the time they said they would be.