Saturday, March 6

The Weather, a Party and a Rant

Check out this site and you'll always know your weather!!

When you enter your draft file and see nothing ready to flesh out and post, do you panic a little? I do - and just did. Since yesterday's post was #1200, I guess I can find something to tell you; having been so prolific over the last three years. I think it is referred to as 'verbal diarrhea!'

At the Flower Shuttle last Tuesday, an acquaintance offered to pick me up for a party for our local florist wholesale's fifth anniversary. There was good food, live music, beautiful flowers (of course) and discounts!! I love discounts. I didn't need to buy much - but I got to choose a small envelope from a container of many to see what my discount was. Only 5%, but that's better than nothing, right? I said that "most likely, all of the envelopes said 5%", and while the clerk laughed, I don't think he appreciated the joke.

Some of the food was compliments of the Angus Barn, a restaurant I've told you about before. They have a signature cheese served in a crock that is so good you'll find yourself eating nothing else. There was a tray of crudite, one of fruit, chicken tenders, shrimp and good sauces for all. The dessert table included pecan pie - my very favorite! It's too bad I forgot my camera - yet again.

When Teri pulled up in front of the party place, I laid my sunglasses on the dashboard of her car, because they were too large to fit into my small purse. You know the rest, don't you? When we left the party, it was dark and I didn't remember my sunglasses. Remarkably, they stayed in one place on the dashboard, so neither of us thought about them. Teri let me off at home and about ten minutes later, I happened to see a car stopped at our mailbox. I didn't think too much about it, since some small business owners will put advertising on the mailbox post at night. About thirty minutes later, Teri called and said it was she who was at the mailbox - depositing my forgotten sunglasses. I felt badly that I had forced her to backtrack; especially in an area with which she is not so familiar. The next time, I will be careful to place my sunglasses in such a way that they can't be missed. It isn't like me to forget things like that and I hate to be inconsiderate. Are you forgetful?


Some of you may have noticed fewer comments from me. There are two reasons for that. My computer is slowing, and sometimes the comment boxes don't open (or open too slowly) and I get impatient waiting for them. The other thing is that after I write my comment, I have to click on "post" as many as five times before it "takes" and posts the comment. I suppose I need to clear the cache again, and run ad-ware and spy-ware programs. That's getting to be an every week thing around here. Bah.


Kay Dennison said...

Of course I don't need an umbrella, I still have LOTS of snow in my yard. Still, the sun was out today.

The party sounded lovely!

Do I forget things????? Is the Pope Catholic?

Gilly said...

That site didn't like being asked about UK weather! ;)

Sounds like a good party - and as you say 5% id better than nothing! (And I agree with you, I bet they were all 5%!)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a wonderful gathering Judy. I want some of that cheese you sounds incredibly yum yum...!

I am more forgetful than I used to be....I think it comes with age somewhat, but also, there is just so much coming in on us these days....ALL the information that is thrown at us with the Internet, etc...I think it is easy to get "off-track" so to speak.

Hope you get your commenting problem straightened out...The Clutter On The Computer---a real drag!

Arkansas Patti said...

1200 posts?? You totally amaze me. What a fertile mind you have. I almost crashed and burned at 250.

Of course I forget things. I do believe God lets our memories get shaky as we age to keep us active looking for lost articles.

My computer is constipated also. Sure hope my computer guy gets well soon. Good luck.

Tabor said...

I hate computer problems and hate wasting time waiting for my PC to work. You comment frequently enough that I did not notice...guess I shouldn't have said that.

Jo said...

Wonderful party!

And congratulations on 1200 posts. Holy doodle...!

I have noticed that a lot of people have their comment boxes set up underneath their posts, and it is difficult to post on them. It's not you -- it's Blogger. People should have their comment boxes set up they way yours is set up. It's much easier.

Have a great weekend!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for the umbrella site! That's really neat.

Pat said...

I'm not the best person to give advice re losing things but whatever glasses I am wearing the case is in my handbag.
That comment box problem is a real bummer. I waste hours sometimes but - like you -religiously try to visit my regulars.

rosemary said...

I get offers from Koh!s every week with the promo going from 5-30% off. I always get the fivers too. Forget stuff....why, of course! I need a new 'puter too. While mine is only 4 years old, it is now called Cranky Annie.

LL Cool Joe said...

I have issues with commenting on other blogs too, but yours isn't one of them. I can't even get the comment box to appear on some. I have to wait until I can get on my partners laptop and then visit the blogs that don't work for me on my comuter. It is time consuming and frustrating although I do enjoy the blogs!

srp said...

Wow! My muse has really flown the coop when it comes to writing these days... I am however engrossed in learning more history... just started "The Patriot's History of the United States" and finished up "1920 The Year of Six Presidents".

Love how the weather site yells.... NO! Too funny!

Travelin'Oma said...

I got a "charm necklace" for Christmas with little hooks to clip charms to. Someone should invent something similar, with a darling chain, to clip on sunglasses, glasses, chapstick, cameras, and keys.

Sally Field or Susan Sarandon could advertise it and wear it on Dave Letterman so it would seem stylish. Then we'd all look hip and movie-star-ish, with our stuff at the ready.

Of course we'd all be stooped over with the weight of it, but it would sell more of Sally Field's Boniva. (Just a random idea.)