Tuesday, March 16

Excerpts from RHYMES for the IRREVERENT, by E.Y. Harburg (1965)

Lese Majeste

No matter how high or great the throne,
What sits on it is the same as your own.



When cruel, cruel man
Threw Jonah to the whale,
(As only cruel man can).
Was he half as cruel
As the cruel whale who
Threw Jonah back to man?


Name Your Beneficiary

When you are dead,
No need to moan,
No, nothing at all to moan at;
Think of yourself
As just a stone -
And whom would you like to be thrown at?


Jay Simser said...

Thank you for that. Now I have to try and find the book.

Kay Dennison said...

LOL!!!!!! The last is my fav!!!! And I'd have to make a list!

LL Cool Joe said...

I love the last one, I'll have to think about who I'd like to be thrown at. I'm sure I could come up with quite a list!

Arkansas Patti said...

Gonna have to think about my beneficiary. What a neat thought.

Olga said...

Really lives up to Imagine (what I'm leaving out). You should get a commission from Amazon for the spike in sales. I'm looking for that book. too.

srp said...

Very cute! Reminds me of the little ditty...

It's better to belch and bear the shame
Than to squelch the belch and bear the pain.

Have a great day!

rosemary said...

OK....stone to stone....too many choices.

tiff said...

The cover art is enough. Awesome. :)