Wednesday, March 24

A Busy Day ~ Show and Tell

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After a morning at the Flower Shuttle, a small group of us went to the Arboretum to see what spring had wrought. We saw flowering trees and shrubs, along with daffodils galore! I can't begin to remember all of what I'm showing you here, but I'll label the ones I remember, and show you more in a day or two.

I don't know what this is - but I'll call it 'pink clouds', since that is what it resembles. They are all over Raleigh at the moment, along with Bradford pear trees and red buds. It's gorgeous here, folks!

Flowering quince. I'm used to seeing quince that is a coral/melon color, but this was the palest pink.

This was called 'paper plant'. I'll try to do some research on this one.

A white tulip magnolia. Heavenly!

A camellia.

Red bud.

After the nature walk, we went just down the road to Neomonde (New World) for lunch. I find it odd that until last Saturday, I had never been to a Lebanese or Middle Eastern restaurant, and now I've been to two of them inside of four days! Neomonde is the parent company of Sitti, the place I went last weekend. While more casual in style, the foods are just as fresh and tasty. Their bakery is on the premises too, so you can shop and take home baked goods, spices, other middle eastern staples and prepared goods. If you are not familiar with middle eastern foods, I urge you to find some - you'll thank me!

He that uses many words for explaining any subject, doth, like the cuttlefish, hide himself for the most part in his own ink.

John Ray, naturalist (1627-1705)


Beverly said...

It sounds like you had a very full, fun day. I would love to see all those flowering trees and shrubs.

Anil P said...

I like the 'pink clouds'. With blue skies and blooming trees things must've gotten very pretty.

The Red Bud appear similar to the Silk Cotton back here.

Out here Gulmohar are beginning to bloom, and so are the Copper Pod.

Happy spring days ahead.

srp said...

I have been thinking about going to the botanical garden for several days. It was too cold today but tomorrow is back to be warmer again... perhaps!

Pat said...

What a lovely way to spend day. The Pink Cloud I would call Flowering Cherry - but what do I know?

Granny Annie said...

We had a dandelion and now some daffodils but my cherry tree has not even blossomed yet and around us there are no other signs of spring. I am so jealous of all the grandeur of nature around you. Just think, we had 8 inches of snow the first day of Spring!

Nancy said...

Many years ago, we lived in Virginia for three years and Spring looked excatly like your beautiful pictures.

But,we were doubly blessed because we often went "Home" to Pennsylvania to see family and friends and because Virginia's climate was about 2 weeks ahead of ours, we got two Springs. One in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania.

It was a wonderful time for us...

Grannymar said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.

tiff said...

Spring rocks. The flowering trees are such a wonderful sight!

sage said...

Spring in the South is so beautiful--I'll be heading down for Wilmington's Azalea festival

LL Cool Joe said...

Looks like you had a great day, and a busy one with the camera!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Love Lebanese food and some Middle Eastern. Needless to say, So Cal is a giant melting pot for foreign foods. Most I adore more than American.