Thursday, March 25

The Arboretum, continued

Please click to enlarge. I put the photos up in small format, since blogger is telling me that I've used 93% of the available allowance for photos.

At the entrance, a lovely small waterfall.

A huge camellia.

Japanese flowering apricot.

Snow drops (?)

A lovely new sculpture. I could sure use that in my garden!

Tulip Magnolia

Just a small patch of the hundreds of daffodils in bloom there.


I think this is a variety of euphorbia, but Naomi can tell you - she has it in her header photo.


Hellebores (Lenten roses)


Walking stick.

Carolina Jasmine, just beginning to bloom.

Something I didn't know grew here; a giant redwood. Although it is big, it isn't a giant yet!


Kay Dennison said...

These are absolutely breath-taking!!!

Grannymar said...

I look at my garden and it is still wearing the grey coat of winter, your photos bring me hope of more colourful days to come.

Gilly said...

There was a picture of those catkin things in the colour supplement of our Saturday paper last week. If I can find where Mr. G has hidden it, I'll look it up and let you know!

The white flowers look like we used to call wind flowers but the leaves don't look quite right!

But obviously a lovely place to go!

Gilly said...

Have found the photo I was looking for - those catkins look like Stachyurus praecox, called Spiketail here.

They look identical to my photo!

bobbie said...

All so beautiful.

Peter said...

Beautiful photos Judy.

Granny Annie said...

The pictures you post are always so lovely. How did blogger tell you that you were at 93% usage? I've never had any correspondence from them.

srp said...

Judy, are those star ones white or a light blue? I think they might be something called blue-eyed grass. We had some over at the old house and they bloomed in early spring.

Pat said...

I think the plant or tree that looks like lamb's tails should be called - tarrah: lambs tails

Arkansas Patti said...

Please tell me they can't cut your ability to post lovely pictures off. Would a protest help? Count me in.
Seriously, I hope there is a solution.

Marcee said...

Those are delightful pictures, kenju!! make sure you resize your pictures before uploading them, it saves lots of room :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are just beautiful...I love seeing all these plants and flowers Judy. It reminds me that Spring IS really here...even if I don't see a lot of signs around here yet. It's cold and windy in my neck of the woods today; but at least we don't have snow. ~Joy

Bob-kat said...

That seems like a lovely relaxing place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos : )

sage said...

Nice shots, wow, Redwoods in NC

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your post reminds me that it is time to take a photo day at the South Coast Botanic Garden. Spring is here!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, actually that is not the Euphornia in my Header...The flower is sinilar But the plant itself is not....I'm not sure which one this is, Judy. Mine is a Euphorbia Lambii...!
There are some BEAUTIFUL plants in your Arboreetum (?)I never spell that right...

Shephard said...

Our camelias are in full swing.
Very messy, and they sure don't keep their blossoms long. I love the double ones.