Tuesday, January 26

So... Today we went to the audiologist for two reasons.

One, my hearing aids needed to be adjusted. About six weeks ago, they were turned up in response to my newly-discovered additional hearing loss, and it turned out to be way too much. I got beeping (and bleeping @#$%@#$) feedback every time I turned around, or passed close to a solid object - such as when someone hugged me. How annoying was that? Need I say very? I sounded like a garbage truck backing up....beep....beep...beep.

Two: mr. kenju thought he had "wax in his ears" and was blaming wax for the fact that he "sometimes" has trouble hearing. Guess what? There was very little wax, and he has now officially been shown to have hearing loss (commensurate with his age) and has been advised to consider the use of hearing aids before too much more time passes. He was advised that the longer one goes without being able to hear well, the harder it is for that person's brain to adjust when hearing aids are applied.


Afterward, we had another chiropractor's appointment. He remembered how much I liked his electric massage machine, and used it for an even longer time today. I felt joy and serenity and complete relaxation during that time - and I really could take it for about 3-4 hours at a stretch, I think. Although it might prove to be annoying after that length of time. It's probably one of those "be careful what you wish for" things. I'm pleased to report that I see improvement in my back and neck, even though there is still soreness. The tunnel is getting lighter and lighter.


On Tuesday morning, I take my van to the body shop, and the rental agent will meet me there with my "new" van, for the duration of the body shop repairs. We have discovered that my car is out of alignment, so hopefully that will be repaired as well. Wish me luck while I drive the rental van. All I need is to have an issue in that one, whether my fault or not.


What would you think if you just happened to be awake at 2:20 am and saw a car driving ever so slowly on your street - and it then came around the cul-de-sac a second time? Our neighborhood is enclosed; meaning there is only one way in and one way out. If someone is driving through here at 2:30 am, it cannot be for a good reason. Too bad I couldn't see his license plate or tell what kind of car it was.


Kay Dennison said...

Glad you are feeling better and getting things resolved. Hope Mr. K. decides to deal with his hearing issues soon.

The accident probably knocked your van out of alignment so they'd better fix it quick.

And yeah, I'd wonder about that car, too!

Looking to the Stars said...

Good thing to know about the hearing aid. Looks like I need to get me and hubby in to see if we need them (sigh). Didn't know the longer you wait the more problems you'll have.

Glad to know that you are a little less sore. For me, it seems that I take longer to heal then I used to. Don't care to much for that.

Anyone driving on our street that early in the morning is going to be seen by my next door neighbor. She sees everything that happens here and reports it to the police. I don't think the woman sleeps at all.

Have a good one :)

Pat said...

I remember being told my hearing thing may need adjusting after a year or so. My hearing varies enormously and much of the time time I don't need the aid but then it's a godsend when I do.
Good luck with the driving. Give yourself a boosting talk before you set off. I tell myself I have as much right as anyone to be on the road and am safer than most.

Arkansas Patti said...

Do you suppose they make a home electric massage machine? I could go for that. So glad your neck is doing better.
Hope your aids are properly tuned now. That had to be annoying.
Hide by the garbage cans and video tape that car with emphasis on tags.
That is creepy and unless he is the prize patrol, he is up to no good..

Tabor said...

You are really funny today and I am sorry for all the health problem but you seem to be keeping a good attitude. I would get the driver's number or description on that car.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I keep telling the Evil Twin that I'm going to buy him the "TV Ear" (as seen on TV infomercial thingy). He could use *something*!

tiff said...

Sure it wasn't a cop car? Regardless, it couldn't hurt to inform the police. They can send out more regular patrols of your neighborhood for a while.

Star said...

Glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Lately, I feel like we measure time as from one medical appt. to the next.

Granny Annie said...

I would contact the police about the strange car circling your block.

Hearing aids are needed in our household but the debate goes on regarding who is deaf. "You are!" "What?" "No, see you are!" "What?"

LL Cool Joe said...

Sorry to read about the hearing loss for both you and Mr K. I didn't realise that it was a good idea to get hearing aids as soon as possible. My brother is over 60% deaf and went years and years into adulthood refusing to wear hearing aids, and when he finally did he found it almost impossible to get used to them. Now I know why.

robin andrea said...

I would not have good thoughts about a car driving around a cul de sac twice a 2:30 in the morning. I'm glad it left without incident. It could have been totally innocent, but still...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That treatment at the Chiropractors sounds wonderful...I think I could get use to that....lol!
Sorry to read about Mr. Kenju's Hearing loss, and your further Hearling loss, Judy....I tell you, this 'sging' stuff really stinks!

sage said...

That loud music catches up with you sooner or later :) Do people drive rental vans like rental cars? as for someone making a second pass in the neighborhood at 2:30 AM, I'd call the police (or at least make details notes of the vehicle type if you couldn't get the license #.

NellJean said...

What time does your newspaper carrier come through the neighborhood? I finally figured out the the suspicious car that stopped in front of my house after midnight on certain nights was bringing our twice-weekly paper.

Carolyn said...

Men! What can you do w/them sometimes? Mine has "selective hearing" I think, lol!

That car thing sounds weird. I'd suggest an insurance spy looking to see if you're lifting furniture over your head or something, lol! Except for the fact it's 2:20 AM!

Jo said...

Gosh, it sounds like both you and your hubby and your van are falling apart like a two-dollar suitcase. :-) I can say that, because I have bad hearing too. I hope you get everything resolved. My daughter is an audiologist/speech therapist, and she tested my hearing and it's not so good, but I don't need a hearing aid quite yet. Phew.

I just read your post about your neighbor. Omigoodness, how very sad...!

About that car, I have a feeling it is up to no good.


Travelin'Oma said...

It sounds like tune-up time at your house. I've been complaining lately about everybody talking so softly. Could it be me???

Tracie said...

I never knew that the longer you went without the hearing aids the harder it is for your brain to adjust. That is really interesting. I hope that he will go ahead and get some....and that yours will work correctly now.

I would love to try out an electric massage machine. That sounds heavenly.

The car thing...totally would freak me out!