Wednesday, January 27

Did You Know? +

70% of the world's population resides on just

7% of the world's land:

"Today, there are just over 6 billion

people on earth. Six hundred years

ago, in 1400, humankind was just 6

percent of that, or about 350 million,

slightly more than the current

population of the United States. ...

The 350 million people living in 1400

were not uniformly distributed across

the face of the earth, but rather

clustered in a very few pockets of

much higher density. Indeed, of the

60 million square miles of dry land

on earth, most people lived on just 4.25

million square miles, or barely 7 percent

of the dry land. The reason, of course,

is that that land was the most suitable for

agriculture, the rest being covered by

swamp, steppe, desert, or ice.

"Moreover, those densely populated regions

of earth corresponded to just fifteen highly

developed civilizations, the most notable

being (from east to west) Japan, Korea,

China, Indonesia, Indonesia,

Indochina, the Islamic West Asia, Europe,

Aztec, and Inca. Astoundingly, nearly all of

the 350 million people alive in 1400 lived in

a handful of civilizations occupying a very

small proportion of the earth's surface. Even

more astoundingly, that still holds true

today: 70 percent of the world's six billion

people live on those same 4.25 million

square miles."

Robert B. Marks, The Origins of the Modern World,

Rowman and Littlefield, Copyright 2007 by Rowman

and Littlefield Publishers, pp. 23-24.

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Some notes about yesterday's post:

The newspaper always comes about

5 a.m., so I doubt if the car at 2:30a.m.

was the newspaper delivery person.

Our cul-de-sac has no street lights at

all, so it would be impossible to get a

photo of the car, or to tell what kind

or the color of it.

Sage: loud music didn't really cause

my hearing loss; it was a combination

of shooting rifles at targets when I was

10-15 (at camp), yelling too loudly at

sporting events and maybe a small part

can be attributed to loud music, although

I wasn't prone to playing it loudly when

I was young.


Kay Dennison said...

Yes I did know that -- someone sent it to me a while back. Think we need to spread out a little?

Buzzardbilly said...

My Dad had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) from being in the Navy. I feel ya on the beeping and bleeping.

The car, to me, is a little scary or someone who was supposed to be in the neighborhood but lost and having trouble reading house numbers. Either way, I always double-check the doors before sleeps time. The economy, she be bad.

Gilly said...

The world is too crowded, wherever civilizations live!

I still haven't got used to my hearing aids, though the audiologist turned them down a bit, which stopped Mr. G sounding like a herd of elephants!

Think my brain is a slow learner!

Pat said...

There certainly was a hell of a cluster in Delhi.

Granny Annie said...

No, I did not know! Awesome information.

Now, about the car. Was it back?

Arkansas Patti said...

Wasn't aware we had so much room to stretch out. We need to learn how to use these empty lands. Really interesting facts.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad to live in WV, where the houses aren't built within inches of each other - unless it's one of the newer "McMansion" type neighborhoods and thank goodness, they're out of our price range! :-)

rosemary said...

I remember when driving through Italy...if there were 20 acres and 200,000 people they would all be living on one acre of land smashed so closely together they could hear each other inhale. Steve has a huge issue with ear problems because of flying for 20+ years...annoying because he won't admit he has a problem.

Tracie said...

I always hear people talking about over-population on tv...maybe we just need to spread out!

Looking to the Stars said...

No, I didn't know that, thanks for sharing.

If the car has been back, it's time to call the cops!