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When I first started blogging, on January 16, 2005, I had no idea it was possible to become famous by writing a blog. And after five years here, I am not famous by any means of measurement, nor is that my hope. I started my first blog, Just Ask Judy, to be a place where prospective brides and their mothers could come for advice about flowers and commiseration over wedding planning from someone who had nothing to gain from it. I soon realized that no brides or mothers were finding my little spot on the web, so I began to post about anything that popped into my head - and here we are five years later.What have I learned? That a feeling of close community can be easily built with regular posting/reading/commenting. That I had no idea how much awareness of and deep feelings of compassion, zest and reverence for life, simple friendship and gratitude would be possible with a group of people whom I have never met (although I have been privileged to meet some) and most likely, won't.

Thanks to those of you who read here daily, and to those who happened here by accident. You have given me more pleasure and friendship than many whom I see regularly in my real life. I hope we will always be friends.


And speaking of accidents, we had one on Thursday. We were on our way to the health club and stopped at a red light about 1.5 miles from our home. I glanced into the rear view mirror just in time to see a Jeep barreling down the road coming straight toward us. When he hit us, I thought for sure we'd be knocked into the path of oncoming, left-turning traffic, but luckily, there was enough room that didn't happen. I called 911 and was told that a state trooper would be with us shortly. 'Shortly' turned into an hour. The trooper said there wasn't enough damage to file a report, but my head was (and still is) hurting, as well as my back, so we thought a report would help to cover any future trips to the doctor or chiropractor. It may be only stress, but I want to be sure it isn't more.

The young man who hit us was, of course, very apologetic. He was also extremely polite, for which I was grateful. Trouble was, he asked us to lie to the trooper about who was driving, and fully admitted that he has not had a valid driver's license since he was 18 (he is now 34). He is also on probation for driving without a license. I am hopeful that this will be a good learning experience for him.

Addendum: Apparently I have given the impression that we might have lied to the state trooper. We did not, of course. I felt sorry for the young man, but I wasn't going to jeopardize myself by lying for him. He wouldn't learn anything from that (and may not anyway).


panthergirl said...

So the question is... did you lie to the trooper?

I hope you're ok... sometimes these things can become really painful the next day. Make sure you're properly checked out!!

And I feel the same way about my blogfriends... :)

Travelin'Oma said...

I wonder how I ran into your blog. It was a very happy accident. I'm glad you're OK after your unhappy accident. And I LOVED the post about cucumbers! Finally something I like is good for me. I've always thought they were mostly water, but I loved them anyway. Now I'm going to brag about eating them.

David said...

sorry for the accident, and I am guessing that you DID NOT aid him in deceiving the authorities. with no license, i presume he also was uninsured. what a mess

Gilly said...

Get your neck checked out - if it is whiplash, it can cause problems months down the line. (And that is advice from a friend ;))

That young man needs to be told to take a driving test, or he will get a prison sentence. Sounds like a danger to life and limb.

Pat said...

What a dilemma Judy. I'm not sure I would have lied for him with his past record but I know it's not easy when you are face to face with someone who seems a nice person. Some of the biggest con artists are charming and that's how they get sway with it time after time.
The cartoon blog looks interesting - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lordy. I hope you reported this guy. You could be dead.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I used to work in insurance, here in the UK.

In this country it would be unlikely that you be able to claim any monies from the other driver in respect of the damage to your vehicle, or in respect of personal injury - because of his record: no license invariably means no insurance, and therefore no means to pay.

But that's here and not there. Things might be different for you. I hope so. At least it would be some compensation.

Glad you're (relatively) okay.

Granny Annie said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry about your accident! It sounds like the irresponsible fellow was probably texting. I'm sure you did not lie to the Highway Patrol -- right? Bless your hearts. I hope you will let your doctor check you out.

As far as I am concerned, you are a Famous Blogger:)

bobbie said...

Love the cartoon, though I don't have nor want fame.

I'm glad your accident wasn't much worse. Hope you did NOT lie to the trooper. Why would he not bother with a license for all those years?

kenju said...

Sorry that I left the impressions we might have lied to the trooper. We most certainly did not.

The Jeep he was driving was insured by his employer, and she said she will pay.

Olga said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary #5!

Biff Spiffy said...

So glad we're blog and IRL buddies! You're a treasure to me.

So happy you're OK considering the crunch. You don't owe the guilty driver anything, and it's highly cheesy for him to try to get his victim to cover for him. Polite or not, he deserves a kick in the jibblies for that.

Darlene said...

Happy Blogiversary, Judy !! I love your blog and beautiful floral arrangements are a big part of it.

That young man is 34 and on probation for driving without a license? He needs to be taught a lesson. By not lying for him you have probably helped him grow up.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry about the accident. I know you and I know you would never lie about something like that. I'm glad the damage wasn't worse.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ouch sorry about the accident!

I can't even remember how I found your blog but I'm really pleased I did! Actually, I think you may have found my blog first! :D

I too, love all my blogging friends. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Five years, wow. You are famous to us for sure.
Glad I came late and know for certain you did not lie. Way to go Judy.
Please do watch that neck. I think you have a couple years after an accident for an injury to be covered.Check with your carrier. Whiplash sometimes takes time to develop. My being rear-ended last year at a school bus stop gave me a sore neck for a month but it finally went away.
Be well.

sage said...

sorry about your accident and hope you're okay. I can't imagine someone would drive that long without a license. Congratulations on your blog, which was started on my birthday!

robin andrea said...

Hey, we started blogging at the same time, in January 2005. Isn't it amazing to still be around five years later, and still enjoying the amazing friendships that have been forged?

Driving without a license and asking you to lie about it? Wow, this guy has a lot of issues. I hope everything is okay with your head and back. It's amazing what fender-benders can do to the human body.

oklhdan said...

Definitely get your neck checked out. My daughter had some real damage to her neck from rear ended and the fellow was only going about 25 mph. Hope you feel better soon!

srp said...

Glad you are OK.... that getting hit is always such a shock. He may have been polite but they need to throw the book at him. It seems that he needs a LOT of driver training!

rosemary said...

Judy, this was a really nice post. You are dearly loved by this blogger and I know by many others. As for the are not. Be sure to take care of that back. 34 and no license...needs a BIG lesson.

Grannymar said...

1) Get well checked out for whiplash, both of you. If it takes a couple of months to show, you will need to have the accident recorded with some medic.

2) Has that guy a job where he is supposed to drive?? His employer is negligent for allowing him drive a company vehicle without a licence.

3) Happy 5th Blogoversary.

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Blogoversary, Judy!!!!!!!

I am so glad that you are okay but be sure to be checked!!!!

AND I'm glad you didn't lie for the young man -- like I thought you would -- not!!!!! That he asked you to lie was awful enough!!!

Keep on blogging my friend!!!!!

Shephard said...

We were in this same situation when someone sideswiped our car and asked us to say their father was driving. It must be very common.