Friday, December 11

Quotes + Just Babble

I am not a lover of lawns. Rather would I see daisies in their thousands, ground ivy, hawk weed, and even the hated plantain with tall stems, and dandelions with splendid flowers and fairy down, than the too-well-tended lawn.

William Henry Hudson, author and naturalist (1841-1922)


We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa, poet and story writer (1896-1933)


The first quote finds me nodding yes; I love green grass, but I prefer seeing flowers, even those we call weeds.
The second quote I'm not so sure about. The philosophy is good but the doing might be difficult. Perhaps it is akin to the religious philosophy of "offering up your pain for the good of others".


Last week we had the plumber in to repair three leaks found under the house by our son on Thanksgiving. Today, I awoke to no hot water. There's not much that deflates my usually positive outlook, but not having hot water when you need (nay, crave) a hot shower and a shampoo will do it every time. The plumber is here now. He mumbled something about a thermostat and not pulling 240 amps or something like that. It's all Greek to me, so I hope and have to trust that he knows whereof he speaks and is honest. We've been using his services for about 2 years and we've never had a reason to doubt that he is honest, and I sure hope we don't find one now. I've decided that if he isn't able to repair it tonight, I am going to the health club tomorrow to clean up. I am so grateful for that option. I know my neighbors would gladly offer me a bathroom, but I'd hate to ask. Have you ever been in that position? What did you do?


My employer asked me today on Facebook if I "wasn't tired of decorating" by now, and I answered by saying "you know how much I love it", and that's true. But on reflection, I've decided that part of the draw for me is not only using my creativity and making things beautiful, but the camaraderie between friends and co-workers. I am fortunate to like and enjoy the company of everyone with whom I work, whether it is with Mel or some other business. That hasn't always been true, and a few jobs I've had were stressful because of the people involved, but not many of them. I've been blessed in that respect (as well as others). And no, I am not tired of decorating, but while I love doing it, I prefer to get paid for it - and at home - that doesn't fly! Mr. kenju asked me today if he "had any input into our Christmas decorating..." and I asked "Are you planning to do any of it?" He replied no and then so did I. If you aren't doing it - you have little right to say what gets done and where. Right?


Maria said...

We are facing a water shortage and there will be no green lawns for all new housing. So as much as I would usually like that first quote, it makes me wistful and proud of my small, well-manicured lawn.

The second made me think of how pain sometimes causes great growth and wisdom that without it would not exist.

Now as to being without water, I would go out to our motor home which has a wonderful shower. Of course, I would have to wait awhile for the water to heat, but it would be a solution.

Don't worry about the plumber. If he was not to be trusted, you would have heard that from neighbors or friends who had experience with his company.

Looking to the Stars said...

I hope you got your shower. And yes, if he's not going to help then he doesn't get a voice about what's done, that's the way we do it. Tho, I do find it much harder when I'm the one that doesn't get a voice :)

Kay Dennison said...

Love the quotes!!! All I know is that what doesb't kill me makes me stronger,

Argh!!!!!!! No water is bad but I know something worse: no heat. The big old boiler in my old apartment bldg, went out and we were without heat for about a month because to get what was needed they had to build us one.
Hope you get things up and running soon.

Mar said...

I love the first quote!!
I haven't been in the situation with no shower (my memory isn't what it used to be, lol) but I remember a few cold showers, which I dislike, but I need a shower in the morning.

Trust your plumber. He'll get the problem fixed. Mr Mar would do it himself, at his pace...that drives me nuts. I'd often rather call the technician but I married a handy man...which does not come in handy all the time!! particularly when things should get done quickly!

Gilly said...

I find these deep philosophical remarks about pain very hard to understand! How, exactly, does one 'embrace their pain'? Or use it as fuel for the journey?

We move on, regardless of whether we want to or not. Time never stands still. And pain accompanies us, whether we curse and swear, mutter under our breath, or gaily sally forth trying to pretend our legs work perfectlhy as they did 40 years ago!

(Guess which is me!! No, don't!)

But no hot water - oh dear! We had that problem a while back - no shower, boiling kettles of water to wash in the sink. Ugh!

Trust your plumber - and keep up your sub to the Health Club!! :-)

Granny Annie said...

Kenji Miyazawa's quote sounds a bit like Ben Franklin's "No pain, no gain".

The water thing is something we have to deal with on a regular basis. We are on a well and when it gets below a certain level the pump kicks off and Ron has to go out and re-start it.

Our lawn is beautiful artwork done by my spouse. He moves the tractors and backhoe over our property to smooth and clear space and create a design out of nature's blessings. He also loves to mow. It gives him some kind of peace so we like grass.

Now, I have to side with Mr. Kenju on the decorating. As you noticed I have mentioned my spouse's contributions to our home. He also is doing a lot of our remodeling himself. He stops periodically and asks me what I would like here or there. He is doing it for me too -- just like you are gifting Mr. Kenju with your talent.

Judy, I think you get a bit out of sorts without hot water:)

bobbie said...

I so applaud William Henry Hudson!

Hope your hot water is restored quickly.

Arkansas Patti said...

William would have loved my yard.

As for allowing Mr. Kenju input, encourage him, but just tell him the end result was your interpretation of what he told you. Then he won't know he is being ignored.

kenju said...

Hot water is back!! I'm about to take a long, hot shower to restore my spirits and put me "back in sorts", Annie.

Bob-kat said...

Right! I agree totally. If you want input then input some of the hard work too! : ) My partner is exactly the same.

I hope you get the hot water back soon. I have bene in a similar position twice in the last few years (once very recently) and I had to use cold water to wash. Not nice as both times were in winter!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I also get upset with no hot water or no water at all. In the past, we would go to my parents house if we needed showers. We haven't been without in years...I don't know what we'd do now.

Grannymar said...

I am late... but glad to know the water is on again and a hot shower is refreshing you.

Pat said...

Mr Kenju should realise that it his his job to keep you supplied with sustenance and sincerely admire your efforts.