Thursday, December 10

Christmas Decor 2009

These photos are from a private home that I have been doing with a friend for about 8-9 years now; except for last year, when they had a plumbing leak and the dining room ceiling caved in. We finished this job in three days (sometimes, it takes four). My daughter cannot believe that there is a house that takes as long as the Governor's mansion to decorate!! I made this arrangement around the Florentine angel this morning. Fresh holly, fir, ribbon and cording.

The chandelier in the breakfast room; fresh greenery, incorporating faux pepper berry garland, and hung with gingerbread ornaments made for the owner's children when they were babies.

A small white tree, hung with hand-blown sugared fruit ornaments and tiny glass balls.

The grandfather clock in the kitchen, with faux garland and pepper berries.

A detail of the ribbon used in the living room (mantel).

The foyer; main stair railings festooned with faux garland, dried red hydrangeas, exquisite silk ribbon embroidered with holly leaves and berries and three gilded acorns on the newel.

The living room; a china/book cabinet topped with a Florentine gilded angel, faux garland and magnolia leaves.

A detail of the tree. Approximately 2000 lights and 300 Christopher Radko hand-blown glass ornaments.

The tree, nestled in the curve of the main staircase.

The grandfather clock in the foyer.

The gilt mirror in the dining room; hung with four Italian angels, faux garland and gold ribbon (which was later changed to raspberry red silk cording).

The china cabinet in the breakfast room.

The living room mantel; faux garland sharing space with two Chinese horse statues and gilt pears.

A better photo of the Florentine angel in the living room.

The owner's study.

Believe it or not, this is not all we do for that home. We also garland the stairs leading down to the lower floor and a mantel in the den downstairs, do three wreaths for exterior doors, one wreath for indoors, a second tree in the dining room with all sterling silver ornaments, light 2 outdoor topiaries, garland an outdoor terrace railing with fresh greens, a lamp post, a tiny tree for the lower level and a table decoration for the terrace! See why it takes three days?


Beverly said...

Wow is all I can say.

Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!!! And my ex thought I went overboard decorating!!!!! I really love this!!!!!

Tardevil said...

Oh to have that kind of money! It all looked gorgeous. Must be nice to have people do the work for you. I bet you don't feel like decorating your own home after all that! ;O)

joared said...

There must be a bit of decoration everywhere -- your work looks really nice.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm amazed you can do it in three days, Judy...So much to create! My, My, My...! And all very intricate and detailed. I bet that tree is GORGEOUS 'In Person'....!
Here's my question: Do you have to take it all down, too?

Angie said...

I would love to see the entire house!! Gorgeous work!

Star said...

When I hit the lottery( notice I say "when"), I will hire you to come up and do my house. First class all the way.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! That tree is amazing and I love all the greenery.

Can you come and do my home? ;-)


Tabor said...

Lovely decor. Amazes me that someone had money to hire staff to decorate. I can't put aside money to have someone install curtains on the bedroom yet!

Arkansas Patti said...

They must have lovely parties. If I could ever afford it, you would be the one to decorate. Amazing work.

oklhdan said...

How beautiful! Do you supply the garland and decorations or are these things the owner already has? What beautiful, beautiful, work......You are so talented.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Beautiful....I love seeing these decorations. Nice work Judy.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Simply amazing!!! Awesome job!

Grannymar said...

When Christmas comes do you have any energy left to enjoy it?

My favourite is the arrangement around the Florentine angel.

Nancy said...

I love,love,love the beautiful tree nestled in the curve of the staircase.

I am curious just like OOLOTH is; Do you also take it down? And does someone else do the outside lights?

kenju said...

Nancy, I do not have to take it all down. My friend Pam (whose client this is) does that, along with the client. No, we don't put up any outside lights for any client. The only thing this woman has outside in the front is a decoration of fresh greens on her 10'tall lamppost, 2 wreaths on the double front doors and another wreath on her kitchen door.