Saturday, December 26


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I don't dare, that's for sure! I need to do everything in my power to slow the aging process and if eating chocolate can do it - I'm there!!



Having said I wouldn't be caught dead in a store today, I went shopping. I had to go to the pharmacy and the camera shop, where I got good news. Apparently, I had opened a menu in the camera and clicked the wrong setting, which set the camera to operate at 1.5 pixels instead of 4. No wonder my photos were dark and grainy for the last month. Pooh on me. I hope I can resist the urge to do that again, since I haven't a clue how to correct it.

After going to the P.O. and grabbing a bite to eat, the SRI shoe outlet called my name. Hush up. I heard it- I really did!! I had assumed there would be hordes of pushy people there today, but it wasn't bad at all. It only took me an hour to try on every last pair in the place that was my size. Naturally, the shoes I liked the best were not available in 8 1/2, but I found an acceptable pair of Clark's in brown. I need something in black too, but I didn't want to buy two pair of the same style. I left that outlet and made my way to DSW, which was quite a bit busier since they were having a sale. I left there empty-handed, in spite of trying on everything they had to offer too. I'll try again next week.

Shopping has lost its appeal for me. I used to spend hours and hours in the malls, sorting through racks and shelves for bargains and good deals. I won't step foot in a mall now unless it's unavoidable and most of the time I manage to stay away from them but for once or twice a year. I never thought I'd ever get to that point, but I have.


Kay Dennison said...

Love the sentiments!!!!

And hurray for your camera!!!!

And I try my best to stay out of malls as much as possible. And I have pretty good luck at finding Clarks on eBay at decent prices.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is interesting what you say about Shopping and The Malls. It is over five years since I have been able to go shop anywhere and you know I don't miss it, except for every once in a great while....I'm not sure I could stand all the hordes of people...!

As you know, chocolate calls to me ALL the think it does have restorative powers of some kind...! And like you, I'm not taking any chances. HA! So I keep some Dark Chocolate on hand, at ALL times, for Medicinal Purposes, of course....!

jeanmac said...

Ah, shoes, my weakness! Malls have lost their charm for me, too.

Angie said...

I went to Best Buy and Target. In and out and home in under 2 hours. There isn't much of anything I want right now.

amarkonmywall said...

I am exactly like you, Judy. No interest in shopping sales or much of anything else. Don't need more stuff, can't stand the crowds, watching the budget too closely. Net result is so much of that merchandise just looks like unnecessary clutter.

Granny Annie said...

I have NEVER enjoyed shopping for myself. I loved shopping with my daughter when she was a teenager but trying to find something for me has always been difficult. Now I wouldn't go at all if my sister didn't accompany me once or twice a year and lock me in the changing room while she carries selections in and out for me to try.

bobbie said...

But don't you feel more relaxed,now that you are "over" shopping? I hate shopping. Always have. Do it only when I am forced to.

robin andrea said...

We NEVER go shopping at malls. In fact, there's not even a mall within 40 miles of us. But as luck would have it, my power cord (which we have been babying for the past few weeks) decided to finally drop dead yesterday, on the 26th. Oh no. The only Apple store was in that mall 40 miles away. So we went. OMG. The traffic, the hordes, the no-parking. It was unbelievable. Rather shocking actually. All I can say is, Unless it's a dire emergency, which broken cameras and computers are, DON'T GO!

Olga said...

I still enjoy poking around shops sometimes, but I am less and less inclined to actually buy anything. I spend more time taking things to a nearby church re-sale shop. I guess I've reached that age where I have all the stuff I need. Shoes do wear out, though...

Chancy said...

I am with you on the mall shopping Now I detest it. I have never "liked" to shop but these days it is no fun at all

Nancy said...


I did the same thing with my camera.Apparently,I changed settings without knowing it and the camera did not take the same nice pictures as before.

Someone suggested that I search my instruction book and look for "Restoring Default Settings".

I did that and found you only have to do one or two easy things and your camera is restored to the same settings it had when it left the factory.

Maybe this will help you if you accidently change settings again.

Mildred Garfield said...

I haven't gone shopping to a mall in years, to much of a hassle - until you find what you want, until you find the fitting room and then if you want to make a purchase you have to find the cashier.

Forget it it! I prefer a small shop where if you are lucky, the salesperson might help you.

Marshalls and TJX are ok yoo because the stores are not large and I just might find something.