Sunday, November 15

Underground Seuss

I do, I do, I do like beer too !! - but I'm seldom slammed! LOL

I wonder if Horton liked his job? I am assuming he didn't hire the ho for himself, but someone else. A book I am currently reading , about Bobby and Jackie Kennedy, talks about Jack Kennedy's campaign in 1960. There was a man who worked for the JFK's campaign, whose sole purpose was to obtain female companionship *wink, wink* for Jack Kennedy, each and every night (and often more than one at a time). Now THERE'S a book I might enjoy reading. I bet that guy had many, many interesting stories to tell. It makes me wonder who he lined up for Jack when he was in my home town. I met Jack in 1960, but I can assure you I was not one of *the chosen*. I was going to say "chosen few", but apparently "few" was not a concept in Jack's mind - at least not where women were concerned!

Have you ever had the urge to do that? Next time, give that person a badge like I had on the post last Thursday . It's easier than cleaning your shoe.....LOL


Tabor said...

I was such an admirer of Jack Kennedy as a young girl and when I found out what an unfaithful person he was my admiration plummented. Yes, he did some good things as president, but surely Democrats can find faithful husbands to nominate when choosing from an entire nation.

Pat said...

It's extraordinary how - is spite of some questionable behaviour from the men in that family - not least the father - how they seemed to weave a magic spell and captivate lots of people.

Granny Annie said...

I was taught to respect the elected President regardless of how I voted. Once in office of President we were to honor him/her -- but that is no more. They are all a corrupt lot of politicians. We won't cure it but I truly look to our grandchildren to save our country.

Ruth said...

I don't know that womanizing makes a president corrupt.

Now don't get me talking about Git-mo or wars, or Halliburton or torture or or or.

These are funny book covers! You are too funny.

Thanks for participating in my How I Named My Blog invitational December 1!

Arkansas Patti said...

I wonder how JFK's reputation would have held up to today's scrutiny by the media. What was hinted at then would be front page now. Even that doesn't seem to cut down the wayward hubby in today's politics. Power really must be an aphrodisiac as they say.

robin andrea said...

Those book covers made me laugh. Very well done. I've heard that power is a very strong aphrodisiac. And so is money. A handsome combination of the two must be irresistible.

Maria said...

In Palm Springs, Kennedy's cottage was up the street from Marilyn Monroes. I wonder how often the dirt of that street was raised as they shuffled back and forth.

I think I would like to read the book, too.

As to Tabor's comment. I believe it is wishful thinking to find a truly faithful man in any political party. Even Jimmie Carter lusted in his heart.

kenju said...

The book is:

Bobbie and Jackie
(A Love Story) by C. David Heymann. I recommend it; it is a very telling look into the lives and times of all the Kennedy clan and the politics of that era.

Sage said...

Funny books--as for Jack Kennedy, although I don't doubt that he was unfaithful, I wonder if along with his legend has grown, so has the number of his one-night stands?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL.....I love that last picture and ALL it sands!

Interesting about Kack Kennedy. I wish you had been one of the "chosen" many, Judy....That would make for some very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Sexual dallying aside, I don't really think that JFK was all that great a president. Lucky, yes, but great?
Cop Car
P.S. Yes, I had voted for him.

colleen said...

I guess he'd be in therapy for sex addiction today. No wonder his adrenals burned out. I wonder if Bobby was more faithful.