Tuesday, November 3

Odds and Ends

My soup at lunch on Saturday at Kanki Japanese Restaurant. I didn't remember to photograph it until I was half-finished. I love this stuff; I could have a gallon of it!

My first sushi! This was my grandson's plate. He ate the red thing (I have not a clue what it was) and the rice, but on trying the ginger (peachy colored) and the wasabi (green) , he immediately reached for water! I happen to love hot stuff, so I ate some of the ginger and wasabi, and pronounced it the new preferred way to open up my sinuses - all of them! My entree consisted of steak and shrimp, which is served with fried rice, mushrooms, squash and onions, and two types of dipping sauce. It was excellent. Since I was the birthday girl*, I got a complimentary serving of sherbet, with a candle.
*I use that term very loosely.


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Do you know about It Made My Day? Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.
(Like Colette, we should all be more mindful, and do it sooner!)


Go see what a sculptor can do with marble - you won't believe it!



Shiny Rod said...

Yummmm, Sushi. I can has Sushi. That my dear is tuna, nigiri style. If you eat it without rice, it is called sashimi. I put the wasabi in the soy sauce and stir it in. Then place a sliver of ginger on the sushi and dip it in the sauce. Some people just place a small dab of wasabi on the sushi and then cover the wasabi with a sliver of ginger and the dip it in the soy sauce. It's up to the individual how it is eaten. I have enjoyed the pleasures of sushi for more than 15 years now. BTW it doesn't taste fishy, well the mackerel has a fishy taste but of course, thats mackerel. My favs, unagi, ebi, spider rool and the sweet dragon roll. Ok, sushi lesson over, have fun.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Colette also said.."Ahhhh to be 52 again..!" LOL!
I love the Ginger, but not the Wasabi...that is too "hot" for me...!
I am not a Sushi eater---not big on Raw Fisg, but I have a dear dear friend who eats it about three times a week! He Loves It!

So Happy Mr. Kenju was 'over the moon', my dear! We had fun doing it.

Arkansas Patti said...

Won't say I'll never eat Sushi, just that I haven't been hungry enough yet. More power to you.
Loved the links, especially Dr. Deb. That was priceless.

Gilly said...

I just loved that sculpture!!

Never had sushi, and don't feel too inclined to try it!! I can't take a lot of spicy and hot stuff now, though I used to love it when younger!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

When we go to the Japanese places, the Evil Twin always gets any extra, 'cause he's a fat man. LOL.And I see you have my anonymous Chinese poster, too!

Pat said...

It is great isn't it how spicy food can clear your tubes.

Jen said...

I've only had sushi once. I wasn't brave enough to try the raw stuff. I asked the waiter to recommend something not too scary for beginners, preferably cooked. Next time I'll be more adventurous.

Baba's Special Babies said...

Good afternoon, I am not a Sushi lover.... my granddaughter and SIL love Sushi .... she loves seaweed too..Give me chicken, cooked well, with rice and vegetables..thanks for your visit to my place today. Baba

Darlene said...

My children all love sushi, but I didn't care for it when I tried it. I may have brainwashed myself because it was raw fish.

I am glad you had a lovely birthday dinner. May you enjoy many more.

Looking to the Stars said...

When I lived in Calif. my girlfriend dated a Sushi chef. So we would go in to his resturant to eat. He made octupus where it didn't taste like rubber. It was great. Ginger cleanses the mouth like no other. Rice wine was to die for.
Sigh, those were the days

joared said...

Yeah, I like Sushi, a little wasabi mixed in soy sauce followed by some ginger before the next item. Add a little sake and makes for a great meal. Haven't eaten any varieties of Sushi I don't like yet. I'll go along with you about how effective wasabi can be opening up my sinuses.

Granny Annie said...

We are eating lots of good food on our trip and I haven't take one picture of it! Darn. I love Vietnamese food. We do not eat sushi.

Your made-my-day and new medications were hilarious.