Friday, September 25

Barrel Monsters, Hawks and New Friends (with Food)

Do you remember seeing the first Raleigh Barrel Monster? Here's the second one, and this time it was authorized by the company that provides the barrels. From what I've read recently, this guy started a craze, which I think is terrific. Creativity should be encouraged wherever you find it!


This afternoon, coming into the neighborhood from the grocery store - where I somewhat calmly dropped $215 bucks AND used $35 in coupons - I saw something move on my right. It was our resident hawk, who had caught a squirrel. Holding the hapless squirrel in his talons, he flew across the street in front of me and into a nearby tree so he could dine in solitude. I wish I could catch all MY food like How do two people manage to need $250 worth of food and supplies anyway?


We went out to dinner last night. I had met the guy, who is a good friend of mr. kenju's from the pipe smoker's club, but I had not met his wife. Sometimes these things do not start or end well, but we had a great time and I really look forward to seeing them both again. We went to the 42nd Street Oyster Bar, and I think it had been at least 6 years since I had eaten there. I did remember how much I loved their hush puppies, though, and they haven't changed a bit! I had grilled catfish with a lemon sauce, twice-baked potato and house salad. Mr. kenju had a double shrimp cocktail (12 big shrimp) with a salad. The other guy had soft-shell crabs and oysters and his wife had salmon on a bed of mesclun greens with the twice-baked potato. I can assure you there was NO room for dessert - which was a shame. Their key lime pie is to die for!


Gilly said...

It all sounds very yummy, (and probably better than raw squirrel)
but whatever is twice baked potato? And mesclun greens?

Sometimes the US sounds a very foreign land!

Sky said...

oh, i would be heartbroken if i saw a hawk grab a squirrel! some things are better left unseen.

your dinner sounds fabulous and so does key lime pie, one of my favorites! yummmm.

Star said...

Love the Barrel Monster ! You should have gotten some Key Lime Pie to go.

Arkansas Patti said...

You too can eat squirrel. You just have to catch and kill it.
I once was watching a plump little squirrel high in a tree with my binoculars when a hawk grabbed him. That was too up close and personal. He never even squeeked.
Guess when faced with the alternative, I can pay the tab at the grocery store though I must say $250 is daunting.

Alan G said...

I have a "hate-hate" relationship with "tree rats" so may God grant your hawks a long life and good flying.

Speaking of groceries, yesterday as I was checking out from buying mine for the next few days just happen to glance up and see a sale sign for cigarettes. My groceries were a little over $45 this visit - the cigarettes were on sale for $50.29 a carton. I like to have croaked. I think when I quit a carton was around $20 which was ridiculous then! :)

Lille Diane said...

Oh my... I just read what Arkansas Pat wrote. I'm experiencing some trauma here now. Yikes!

Dinner sounds yummy. Now I'm hungry. As far as spending $215 on groceries for two... well I have spent that much for one. WHAT is wrong with me???? I think I have residue from my Grandmother living during the great Depression, and now am a hoarder of food. But I do love to cook, and cook for others. It's certainly NOT cheap buying food any more.

Twice baked potatoes... drool, slobber. [ok I wiped the screen off]

Buzzardbilly said...

I love the barrel monsters! I'll bet all the kids love them too (even the ones who are disguised as grown-ups, if you now what I mean).

rosemary said...

I do remember the first barrel monster...glad it is official now. I don't do fish well....except for lobster and appetite there.

oklhdan said...

I love the creative genius behind the Raleigh Monster!!!! Your dinner sounds delish!

tiff said...

Got get 'em, Hawk! :)

Cool that you have fun new friends to hang out with. One can never have too many!

Tooter4Kids said...

Yes, I was wondering myself how we'd get along. Was pleasantly surprised. Had a wonderful time, also.
The 2 F's hold true...Good friends and good food make a good life. So we are looking forward to more.

kenju said...

Thanks, Tooter!! And thanks for 'following' too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This made my mouth water...YUM YUM YUM!
I do not understand why it is that even me, alone, the cost of Groderies is outrageous! I guess everything has gone up and up and UP....and one wonders when that will change!!
That Hawk was lucky, but not the squirrel, I'm afraid...(lol)!

Pat said...

No dessert? How could you?
Hush puppies are shoes over here:)

joared said...

Oh, key lime pie is a favorite of mine. You could have gotten it for take out.

As for your grocery bill, when was the last time you had shopped before that? I just shop for one, now, and find myself marveling at how much I'm paying out each time. I think, my heavens, am I really eating all this -- more than I did for a while and I'm actually dropping a pound or so here and there as I want.

gs batty said...

I trapped a squirrel once and ate it. I'll leave them for the Hawks and spend the 225.00.