Friday, July 3

Luncheon, Phones and Great Music

We went out to lunch yesterday; a slightly fancier one than usual, to celebrate our anniversary.** After telling myself twice to take the camera, I left it in the kitchen at home, so there are no photos of the scrumptious crab and shrimp cakes with crusty potatoes or the eggplant parmesan with spaghettini. And of course, no photos of the Caesar salad or the Caramel Creme Brulee either. Bummer. It was excellent and the service was good. The maitre d' placed us in what she said was the coolest booth in the place (in temperature, not socially) and we appreciated that, since outdoors, it was 91*. I recommend Brio and although I've only been to the one in Raleigh, I know they are scattered all over the country. They are worth a try, wherever you find one.
** Thanks for all the nice wishes for our anniversary!


I posted about switching from a land-line phone to a cell phone yesterday. It was all mr. kenju's idea (you can go back one day and read the post). Since his stroke, he often has trouble with short-term memory loss. I was on my cell phone with my son this morning, and he wanted to speak to his dad, so I walked down the hall to the bedroom. Mr. kenju said, "If you'd plug that phone back in, you wouldn't have to walk down the hall to find me." I quickly reminded him that the phone plug was for the old AT&T land line, and I couldn't "plug anything in" since that line is now disconnected. It struck me as really funny that he would say that, and I laughed so long and hard that my stomach muscles fairly screamed with pain. I haven't laughed like that in a long, long time. Then he asked "What about the phone in the kitchen?" and I lost it again; laughing another 3-4 minutes. Of course, I could tell him about the phones until I am blue in the face, and he still might not remember. I think the only solution is to buy another cell phone (using the same number) and put it in his room so that he can answer that line if need be. I don't think he really thought it through when he was complaining about having to pay for that line, and had he done so, he might have decided we should keep it anyway. C'est la vie!


Several people sent me this link in email and all music lovers should go there without fail. It is a performance of the song "Africa" by Perpetuum Jazzile, an a cappella choir from Slovenia. It starts very low, so don't turn the sound up too loudly or you'll get blown away when their volume returns.


rosemary said...

Steve has no excuse for his short term memory loss.....

Beverly said...

Your lunch sounds divine. I'm smiling at Jim's quandary with the phones, and the video is amazing. It is so intriguing what the human voice can do. That sounded like thunder for sure. Thanks for sharing that.

If I'd quite reading blogs and write a post, I might get something up.

srp said...

I understand what you mean about the memory... I sent mom and dad out to look at specific cars since they seemed determined to get one. They called and had fallen for a Honda Civic Hybrid... not what I sent them to look at. She insists she could get in and out ok but Dad really couldn't and while I loved my Civics... I am more practical than that. So I made them try the CRV which is not as big as a van but higher and with more leg room than the Civic.... they decided on it and we picked it up today. But mom keeps forgetting the name and the color... it is titanium.. between a silver and a black... a dark metallic gray. She was saying tan and a green... This will be at least two months worth of work to get them to remember the color... and to remember that we didn't trade the Dodge van in. They only wanted to give him $1000 and since our cousins are coming to do work on the addition and it would cost $1000 to fly them home... we are just letting them have it. They will get much use out of it there in Illinois. Now, I am going to go back to bed for a nap. After this week.. I deserve it.

Happy Anniversary!

Jamie Dawn said...

That video is awesome!! I love that song and have loved it ever since I first heard the group Toto do it. I'd like to be able to do those boombox sounds like that one guy does. My kids would think I was MEGA cool!!


Your hubby cracks me up... and your too, apparently.

I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely anniversary dinner.
I hope you have some more good food this holiday weekend.

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Kenju!!!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you had such a nice dinner with a cool seat.
Too funny about your phone dilemma. Lets face it, we have been connected to a wall for a long time. Hard habit to break.
Loved the rain and thunder sounds. Couldn't stop myself from rolling my fingers and slapping my thighs. Somehow, I could not get that great sound.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Lunch does sound wonderful, but if it were ONLY 91 degrees here, I'd eat al fresco! We're back to triple digits today, and I don't even want to leave the house!

(Can anybody say, "Hot as a firecracker?")

Grannymar said...

That lunch sounds great. Now keep partying and enjoy the holiday weekend!

PI said...

You and your camera:)
Today MTL bought a stock off spearmint gum for me although he knew I had lost a filling and given the gum up. I wish I could have laughed.

sage said...

Happy Anniversary. The description of the food was enough, I didn't need a photo to make me want it! Sorry about Mr. Kenju's short term memory.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The lunch sounds really nice. I loved the song, too! Very creative.

utenzi said...

My parents don't have regular memory problems but when it comes to tech items, and that includes phones, they never seem to remember any of my advice. :-( Good luck with your cell phone situation, Judy.

John said...

I must agree with Sage...the way you described the food was enough to make my mouth water.

And I'm so glad you thought it was funny too about your husband and the phones, because I couldn't help but laugh while reading it! You do that a lot you know, make people laugh or make them smile!

Thank you for sharing the wonderful video! Toto was one of my favorite bands of the 80's and the Slovenian choir would make Toto proud. I listened to it twice and then found it on youtube so I could instantly "share" it on facebook. Loved it!

Have a great holiday weekend!