Thursday, July 2

Be-Switched!! +

For a year or so, mr. kenju has complained about having to pay the bill for my A*&T land line telephone, the one we've had for 27 years with the same number. He has a land line too, through the cable company, and it is hooked to the service for our computer and televisions. We also have cell phones.

I had to agree that it was an unnecessary expense, but since I still have my business (even though I am almost retired), I just couldn't get rid of that number, since everyone who has ever known me either personally or through my business has it. When cell phone companies started announcing that you could get rid of your land line, but keep the same old home phone number by transferring it to your cell phone, it seemed tailor-made for us.

Our daughter was leery; thinking that we wouldn't have enough minutes - we'd run over - and it would cost a fortune. So when we went to make the change, we upped the number of minutes we share and had the old home number transferred to my cell phone.

So far, it's been fine. I put away all the old land line phones in the house - all seven of them. Every time I pass by a table or wall where a phone used to be, I momentarily wonder where it is - and then I

But there is a definite downside. I have to keep the phone with me at all times (daughter's orders) and if the clothing I'm wearing that day does not have pockets, it can be a chore to make sure it is within reach. I've taken to choosing items with pockets and eschewing those without. Since there are not many things in my closet I can wear now, it's getting to be a problem! Do they make arm bands with cell phone pockets?

I have a phone holster, but it isn't always convenient to have the phone strapped to my waist. And then there's another situation developing; this morning my phone rang and it was mr. kenju, who was upstairs. He said he'd found a way to overcome the problem of no intercom system in this house - by calling me. I had to remind him that every call used our minutes, unless he uses his cell phone to call me. Since his cell phone is usually on the bathroom counter being charged, I don't hold out much hope for that. I guess we will eventually work out all the kinks. Have you made the switch?

P.S. Today is our 45th anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have been married that long and that in just 5 short years, we will reach our golden anniversary. It has been quite a life; some bad and mostly good and I wouldn't trade it for anything - especially mr. kenju, our three children and their children. They make life worth living.


Gilly said...

Happy Anniversary! 45 years is a great achievement. Ours is 49 years this year, but if anyone thinks I am having a big party for our Golden Wedding they can think again!! I am definitely not a "family do" sort of person, and anyway, I'm not sure I want to celebrate it! Too many bad things happened. Better now, so maybe a quiet family dinner!

We don't have such problems with our phones and phone companies as you do, so I will just say our phone calls, TV, and Computer Wireless connection is provided by the same company, the land line is good old British Telecom (I pay rental only, no calls) and my mobile (cell)phone is "pay as you go".

Enjoy your anniversary!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

We haven't ditched our land line yet - maybe never since we have the cable/internet/phone bundle and pay as you go cells.

tiff said...

We bought Vonage becuase the cell reception at our house stinks. 25 bucks a month for people to be able to reach us - YAY!

Happy happy day to you Judy and Mr Kenju. You must have oodles of stories to tell of your lives together!

srp said...

Happy Anniversary.... go out and paint the town red.. or at least purple.

A few other downsides... I find that on occasion and for no reason I can determine... calls on my cell phone go directly to voice mail without the phone ever ringing. And the phone ringer is turned on, in my pocket and with the vibration on as backup.

If you have a plan that gives free calls for friends and family or others with the same company for cell phone, then the minutes aren't used if it is cell phone to cell phone or cell phone to certain numbers.

Also, this long distance thing. I never knew that with cell phones there really isn't such a thing as long distance. I know Verizon doesn't really have roaming charges on ours. Even though Nyssa is in Mississippi, her cell area code is still the same as mine and I don't even have to dial that.. just the number.

My only wish is that with our family plan, I could get mom and dad those jitterbug phones that are just phones and have a person to help if they are confused and big buttons and read outs. It is so hard to keep incoming text messages off their phones and they don't do voice mail either. I am still trying to teach mom to cut and paste on her computer. (Pulling already thin hair out)

bobbie said...

A very happy anniversary, Judy. Yes, family is what it is all about.

I can't imagine using just a cellphone. I never even keep mine on unless there are some very unusual circumstances while I'm traveling. At home, I have cordless with 3 stations, but keep one old fashioned one just in case the electricity goes out.

Thumper said...


45 year is, like, MAJOR! :)

Grannymar said...

Judy and Mr Kenju have a great anniversary. You are so fortunate. Enjoy.

I must carry my cell phone at all times. On the off occasion that I have shallow or no pockets at all in an outfit, I use a bumbag:-

kenju said...

Grannymar, over here we call them fanny packs, and I already have one. Thanks for the reminder.

Tabor said...

I was going to suggest a fanny pack as well since it can be worn on the back out of the way. We have our land line and it is tied to our cable service. It is kind of nice to see who is calling written on the TV screen when we are watching TV. I rarely use my cell and no one calls me on it. If I gave up something, it should probably be that.

Congratulations on a long and solid marriage and may you have many more years to share.

Granny Annie said...

Some of the crafts workers in my mother's retirement village made pockets. These were the neatest little cloth pockets, sturdy and just the size of a pocket, with either a shoulder strap or a waist tie and they usually had a Velcro flap. I found one with mother's things and I use it all the time to carry my tape player or CD player around the house or for my cell phone if I don't have a pocket on my clothes. If I could sew, I would make a bunch of them.

Happiest of wishes for your 45th Anniversary!

rosemary said...

Happy, happy....45 years is quite an achievement...and you are happy that's what counts. We will keep our landlines. Our cells work intermittently in the sticks and that makes not being able to call 911 risky. We need a fax line, office phone and home line.....costs a bundle.

PI said...

Many congrats Judy and may you have many more.
We are complete nincompoops about phones so I won't show my ignorance:)

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, 45 years. Happy anniversary. Hope you party hardy.
So you cut the cord? Wish I could but I get no service here. I have to drive 4 miles down the road to make a cell call.
They do make arm bands that fit MP3players. I have one that will also fit my cell, if it would only get service.
Thanks for the email info for comments. Works like a charm.

Betty said...

Happy Anniversary!

I have thought about getting rid of my landline, but just can't seem to let go. Story of my life.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HAPPY 45th ANNIVERSARY Judy...That is FANTASTIC! Hive Mr. Kenju a hug for me...!
I have not made the change fir any number of reasons....But the MAIN problem is The Reception in my house stinks! People have to go out on the deck to make calls and to recieve calls, too---It's where I am in the mountains---It starts as people come up the Hill in their cars....! So, that doesn't work out well if you are me and like to lie in the bed--Half-Sitting, Half Lying, among other places---and there is no reception....Until they get those kinks worked out I am sticking with my two phones and my LAND LINES...
I hope you are able to solve the problems that come with this switchover easier than the Digital TV!

Debi said...

Happy Anniversary, it's rare these days to hear of couples staying together for this long, and I applaud you for this.

I pray my husband and I are blessed to celebrate this many years together too.

Enjoy your day and celebrate your love.

donna said...

Happy Anniversary! We would have 20 to go to match you. ;^)

I don't know if I can stand him that long, though. Or him me...

Ginnie said...

Wow...45 years. That's wonderful Judy and I hope you have many, many more.

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

Happy Anniversary! It's WONDERFUL!

I have a TracFone and I love it AND the service. But then, I was always cheap.

My college boyfriend is deceased, so you can't really check up on that line, can you!!!!

Sorry, Judy. I'm in a mood tonight.

themom said...

Happy Anniversary also. the land line to cell phone is a conundrum. My son wanted me to do away with the landline, but where we are located - sandwiched between two hillsides, the cell signal is not always there. I have a better cell now and haven't been without a signal, so we may be changing. But my business too, has had the same number for years. What a dilemma.

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary! I am waiting to see if someone comes up with an answer to the phone dilemna. I can hear much more clearly on my land phone so I am not certain that I want to give it up.

Darlene said...

Congratulations on your 45th Anniversary. Treasure each other; my husband died the month before we would have celebrated our 36th.

I use a CapTel phone. It is really a computer made to look like a phone, but the signal comes in over a land line. It has captionins for the hearing impaired.

I haven't found a cordless or cell phone I can hear on yet, so I don't have to make decisions. There's always the good side. :-)

Nancy said...


Congratulations! What a great achievement. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Like all of us, I'm sure you have had your ups and downs but for the most part the ups have it. Especially the wonderful children and Grandchildren. Where would we be without them?

Looking forward to an invitation to your Golden Wedding Anniversary party in 2014...

John said...

OMG, miss a day, miss a lot! Happy (belated) Anniversary! That is quite a milestone, and another milestone to dump the land line.

I've always wondered if you do that, does it take you out of all the phone directories/directory assistance,, etc.

Depending on your phone, (it's size), you may be able to use one of the arm bands that are made for ipods for joggers.

Now you know what men must go through with our cell phones--must have pockets for them. My daughter told me "Dad, a cell phone is not a fashion accessory!" So, I ditched the belt clip a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

1) Most importantly: Happy Anniversary!

2) SRP: I'm not an expert on cell phones; but, I have learned that if I am in a "dead zone", the call goes directly to voice mail. Also, both Verizon and Sprint have been willing to block texting so that I neither send nor receive text messages. Don't know if this can be done with a Jitterbug.

3) We still have two land lines (and our phone service has always been more reliable than our cable service and we use dial-up for internet) and have, for the last two years, two cell phones.

4) I bought a little cell phone carrier that includes a zip pocket for ID and credit cards and suspends from a neck strap. Only recently have I discovered that using the wrist strap that came with it is much more convenient - to me.
Cop Car

Claude said...

I have a computer phone if this is what you call them. The quality of the sound isn't always what it should be, but it's included with my Internet acces. Also have an iPhone, and use it mainly for mail, Internet access when I am out, and receiving calls. Cell phone calls are terribly expensive in this country.