Monday, June 22

Odds and Ends

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Ain't it a shame!!


Please tell me where does one go to purchase dresses like these? I want to avoid that store at all costs! And, NO, this is not a uni-sex wedding, these girls are prom-goers. Not even in my wildest times would I have worn a dress like that. Of course, I wasn't built like they are either....LOL


Mr. kenju just LOVES to find a mistake in one of my posts; either a spelling error/typo or a factual error or a faulty memory. This morning, just after I perched here at the computer to start my day, he came into my office with a look of glee (which always spells trouble or criticism to come).

Mr. kenju: "You had something wrong in your Father's Day post; would you like me to tell you what it was?"

Me: No.

Mr. Kenju: you said "storey" and it should have been "story."

Me: you mean where I was referring to the second storey of our house?"

Mr. kenju: "Yes."

And I (gleeful myself at that point) reached for the dictionary and showed him where he was WRONG! Is it nasty of me to feel so superior? LOL (If nasty is wrong, I don't want to be right!)


We had fifteen people here on Saturday and eight of them were kids aged 9 1/2 to 15. One of my greatest joys is watching my six grandchildren interact with each other, and that day I got to see them with two new kids (the sons of Tiff Spiffy). After being introduced, they all ignored the newcomers until dinner-time (almost 3 hours later). They played in the pool in their family units, steadfastly ignoring the others, while secretively (or so they thought) stealing glances at each other. I don't blame them; my four granddaughters are all gorgeous (of course) and the two new boys are handsome specimens. I really wish I could show you photos, but I was warned not to put them on the blog (once again).

At dinner, they melded into one big group; sitting together over honey-baked ham, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, sliced tomatoes, yeast rolls and later a dessert of chocolate fudge cake. After a suitable rest of about 2 minutes, they went back to the pool and played as one big group. It was heartwarming. Later, they got their phones out and exchanged numbers. I wonder if any of them will ever call the others, but it doesn't make any difference. They had fun at my house, and that's what matters to me. I can't wait until the next time they come!


Grannymar said...

That sounded like a great party.
Children usually gel together if they are left to do it in their own time. Now did I hear mention of cake? I'd love a slice now please.

tiff said...

'Twas most awesome, indeed. It warmed my heart too to see them FINALLY break ranks and interact. THANKS for having us!

Granny Annie said...

Poor Mr. Kenju, couldn't you cut him any slack?

Those girls don't look young enough to be going to prom.

While our grandchildren were here the teenage girls up the road paraded by our house on their bikes constantly and the boys rode bikes their direction and the never managed to speak. Maybe another couple of days would have given them courage.

PI said...

Don't tell Mr Kenju Judy but I share your glee:)
I agree with Granny Annie about the 'girls'.

donna said...

Apparently here:

Why? Dunno. Guess some people like looking like sluts at their prom.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The Evil Twin never critiques my blog. In fact, he rarely even mentions it.

NellJean said...

I had no idea you were an anglophile. Do you also use words like colour, grey and realise?

I hope Mr. Kenju is a good sport and humours you that little quirk.

Nancy said...


When I was in Catholic High School (Shortly after the Punic Wars), we had to bring our prom dresses into school for the Mother Superior to approve them for wearing to the dance.

I'm very happy that Mother Mary Archangel didn't get a glimpse of either of the dresses those girls had on in the photos.

Believe me when I say that poor Mother would have had apoplexy if I had shown up in that gold one.

She would have sprinkled me with holy water and banned me from the prom....

Beverly said...

Love the cartoon.

Having family over is fun, isn't it. it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Your menu sounds yummy!

srp said...

About those dresses.... I wouldn't let Nyssa out of the house in one of those ever... even if her body was that good.. and it was in high school. NO WAY! There is no need to egg on the male hormones at that age... they are running rampant anyway.

Gilly said...

Those dresses! Surely they are not Prom age??? A bit of energetic dancing and ........

Kids are so funny the way they intereact - covert glances, pretend ignoring, and I bet both boys and girls had sussed out the other sex in 5 minutes!!!

It usually ends in an "all together" time!

Tabor said...

Regarding those dresses... at my daughter's wedding, her SIL wore a backless dress somewhat similar as those into the nice Catholic church where they were married. I am not catholic, but was surprised that such attire was acceptable in church!

Arkansas Patti said...

The sad thing is that as I mulled over the 400 kids in my grad class, I can't think of one girl that could have pulled off a dress like that. We just weren't built that great in the good ole days. Think I am more envious than shocked.
As for the kids,isn't it fun to watch young attraction bloom?

JeanMac said...

Wonderful times! Poor Mr. Kenju - he does try though (to find errors).

colleen said...

I didn't know that about story and storey. The spell check doesn't like the second one. I prefer the classic look in dresses. Even the girls not built for them where their midriff showing and cleavage is now a "style."

robin andrea said...

Nice party. Sounds like a grand time for everyone.

Interesting dresses on those two young women. The times they are a changin'.

Darlene said...

May I come to your next party? You serve all my favorite foods.

Glad you got to show Mr. Kenju up for a change (even if you did have to use the anglophile spelling to do it.)

Rue said...

Hi Judy :)

When I went to prom I wanted to look like a princess, not a hooker. Boy, times have changed!


rosemary said...

i loved it last November when all of the family was together for the first time in 10 years. as for the dresses....what's wrong with their mothers?

Jamie Dawn said...

What a nice gathering, and the food sounds like it was REALLY YUMMY!! I'm always interested in good food.
I bet your gorgeous granddaughters don't wear prom dresses like that, even in they have the bodies for it!
Yikes! Those prom dresses are missing some fabric around the middle.
It is okay to delight in one-upping Mr. Kenju, since he SO delights in one-upping you!!!!