Friday, January 9

Mr. Kenju's Family Photos

Top: We don't know who these women are, but it is obvious they are sisters. The resemblance is striking and even the hairdo is the same. I love the iron railings in the picture.

Bottom: The clothing is not flattering, especially on the woman on the left. She's rather "sturdy" and the horizontal lines at the waist of her dress do nothing to flatter her figure. I wore cloche hats like those in the late 50's and I liked them a lot. I hope they didn't look like those on me (like an upturned Dutch oven!) The best thing about this photo is the art deco border.

On the home cleaning front: my guest bathroom no longer smells as if a herd of pigs lives there. I even took down the curtains and washed the glass bibelots on the window sills! I also washed windows and the curtain panels on the front doors. Now if I can just tackle the rest of the house, this will turn out to be a productive week! It's about time!

Have you ever eaten a Cara Cara navel orange? If you see them in your grocery - BUY one!! They're sweet, seedless, juicy and altogether tasty!


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I've got some old archival photos from work I just ran across that I'll post soon. Clothes weren't always so flattering in the "olden" days, but I suppose that is true of every age unless you are a red carpet walker.

I'll look for the Cara Cara oranges. I've had blood oranges many times, but it sounds like these are different.

Mar said...

I should have worn a hat in earlier days, it would have disguised terrible hair-do's, which I thought were fantastic...

PI said...

I'm glad that fashion is no more - very unflattering even if one had witty legs.
Re house work; we've been talking about the possibility of getting help and it occurred to me that it's just the vacuuming that gets me down(shoulder) Do you think anyone would be prepared to do just that?

themom said...

Grrr...I guess I will get to my "house cleaning" job as soon as I feel up to it. My daughter does not understand how hard it is to sit here and do NOTHING. I see what needs to be done and am used to just - doing it. Now I have everyone yelling at me. I love the archival pictures. I had a slew of old pics of my parents and grandparents from the turn of the century - but were lost in a fire years ago. Now I scan all pictures.

rosemary said...

The photos make me want to dig into my tote of memories once again. as for cleaning....I did a bit of de-cluttering thanks to you....but only a bit.

Kay Dennison said...

Love those photos!!

Like you, when I clean, I CLEAN!!!

The Cara Cara oranges sound great!!

Jamie Dawn said...

You've been working hard. So have I. I'm at my brother's in southern CA until the end of January.
Taylor started school here and will be living with his uncle until the quarter ends.
Since my brother is not charging any rent, I've been doing stuff around the house for him such as taking down his vertical blinds and scrubbing them in the bath tub... yikes!!!!... and ordering a daybed for his extra bedroom and getting that room made into another usable guest room. But today is a lazy day. I will eat, blog, read a book, eat. blog, watch some TV, blog and eat.

Old photos are so neat. Those women may very well have been twins. Too bad you don't know who they are!

Happy New Year!!
It's good to be back reading blogs again.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I need to go through my parents' photo albums (which now reside with me). I haven't been up to it, but I'm sure there are some neat older pics in them.

I'll have to look for the oranges. Both my kids like certain oranges.

beyondpanic said...

Gotta love those legs i the "sturdy" shoes.